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We Are All Sacred Beings

Each one of us is a sacred individual. By working directly with the Akashic Records, I can empower you to let your divinity shine so you can live a joyous life. Scroll down to learn how to begin your journey into deep transformation and be sure to check out the blog too! 

30 Minute Akashic Record Reading

With these readings, you’ll embark along a transformative exploration of your past lives and insights into which memories influence your current life. The Akashic Records will help you clear blocks, learn what you need to do to attract love into your life, tap into your greatest potential, learn your next steps forwards, and heal in an enriching and personal way.

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 Complete 1 Hour Akashic Record Reading

Expanding upon a shorter reading, these Akashic Record readings are sure to provide you with deep and personalized insight into your present and past lives. All major blocks holding you back from unlocking your brightest potential will be freed, you will be able to learn about your gifts and purpose, and you will undergo a great healing.

Akashic Phone Readings are also available in 15 and 45 minute appointments (more information is here)


Akashic Distance Healing

Through this powerful distance healing, you will find the total transformation you need. The Akashic Record’s have the energy of the Universe itself and will guide your towards your higher self, transcendent intuitions, deep energy cleansing, and peaceful relaxation. For additional information, please click on the picture. 

Duration: 45-60 minutes


Written Akashic Record Readings

These readings are just as insightful as the phone ones! Instead of a conversation directly with your Records, I will channel all of the insights for healing, freeing yourself from blocks, and past life information without the need to talk on the phone. All of your questions are taken before hand. Each written page is the equivalent to approximately 2 minutes of phone conversation. 

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Through the blog and all services, We Are All Sacred Beings aims to help each person on their own path, empower them to find their own inner healer, and grow as a spiritual being. We Are All Sacred Beings is non-discriminatory; we respect your sex, gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, disabilities and abilities, personal beliefs and faiths, ethnicity, marital status, income, and career. 

All in person Reiki sessions and distance healing sessions are inclusive of all identities, body types, and abilities. Your visual presentation will not be judged, no assumptions will be made, and you will be respected as the sacred being you are. The sessions and intuitive healings are designed specifically as a safe space for all to have a healing experience with affordable pricing.