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About Arien

Hello wonderful individual! I'm Arien Smith and I founded We Are All Sacred Beings. The company stems from this insatiable desire I have to help others, which only increased after I survived trauma in my collegiate years. I was fortunate enough to take the hardship and transform it into something that developed my voice, showed me my internal power, and exposed me to the strength of mindfulness and its amazing healing powers. Through realizing these amazing riches, I was compelled to share them. I have also always wanted to offer advice and healing to those who cannot afford services and products like Reiki and expensive intuitive readings, so I plan to continue the mindfulness oriented blog this business began as. 

When I'm not working on this business, I'm almost always working on my own spiritual practice. I give myself daily Reiki treatments, and frequently do mantra, yoga, and varied other forms of energy work. "New Age" spiritual shopping doesn't interest me, but I have found a variety of healing modalities from different sources and beliefs that have positively affected me. I've dedicated myself towards consistent practice, knowing that the truest forms of healing take time and effort to manifest.

I'm also an illustrator so you'll see all the products and branded designed by me. Watercolor is my passion! You'll also find me trying out new crafty things, like making soaps and candles or little paintings (and being envious of jewelry design on Etsy). My spiritual practice is really my life, though, so not a moment goes by where I separate myself from the core foundation of this business. 

I'm passionate about life coaching, personal consultations and guidance, public speaking, guiding meditations, and authentically connecting with other people. The times that I have sat with someone and witnessed them heal are the most moving moments of my life. If you'd like to help me out or feel inspired by some of the advice I offer, I would be honored if you informed me of any events you feel I may be able to be a beneficial collaborator or participant. Please don't hesitate to email me directly at

I also love plants, puppies, and sunny days.