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Akashic Distance Healing


An Akashic Record distance healing session will open your heart towards increased self-love, provide the answers that you have been seeking, bring you into intuitive contact with your past lives or inner child, refresh your energy, and even work to heal your physical, mental, and emotional self. All healing comes from the spirit first and from there can travel to our minds and bodies, so working with a pure body of energy like the well-known Akashic Records makes this healing accessible and powerful. Clients have described feeling the positive effects of this healing for even a week after the session.

During a healing session, you will be guided into a deep relaxed state, where the healing will then take place. As you are resting, I will facilitate the movement of this potent energy into you. Since the Akashic Records represent our highest consciousnesses, this healing will align you with your Highest Self and all that entails: clear goals, emotional healing, deeper awareness, and the uncovering of your own innate spiritual abilities.

Like all powerful forms of energy healing, Akashic Record healing focuses on surrendering to the will of the Universe and working as a medium to provide healing energy to fuel the client's inner healer. An Akashic Record healing session will never overwhelm you, it will transform you into your Highest Self. The Akashic Records always works in your best and highest interest and in accordance to the needs of your own spirit. Those I have worked with so far have had incredibly moving experiences, which have unearthed important pieces of information, renewed their subtle energy, and provided a deep sense of peace and contentment. If you'd like to read testimonials, they are towards the bottom of the page! 

How does this healing work?

You and I will set aside an hour to Skype, so we can connect as close to in-person as possible as we travel together into the healing body of the Akashic Records. You will have the space to set intentions, discuss hopes, and otherwise request any personal needs of this healing. If you want an overall transformative experience, we can both enter into the practice with simply the intention of the Records providing what you need most. 

Once acquainted, I will guide a short relaxation meditation to bring us into a place of stillness and security. This includes a blessing of the practice, ensuring that the entire meditation will be in your best and highest interest. We will then continue in silence, where your only job is to trust and surrender that the Records are working with you to provide you the healing, insights, and awakenings that best suit you. During this time, I will consciously work as a channel for the Akashic energy and remain aware for any impressions, images, or senses that arise, all the while letting the Records guide where I am sending the Akashic energy. My role is more active in these healing than in my practice of Reiki, which sets these two apart. So far, all of my clients and I have witnessed significant symbols that we discovered to have incredibly personal meanings after discussing the images. 

The silent portion of the healing will take place over 25 to 30 minutes. Here is where the transformation happens--even across distance, this energy travels and works to powerfully align you to the Universe itself. 

At its conclusion, I will gently speak to bring you back to your natural state of consciousness. We will then discuss the experience and allow any further intuitive information to come forth. Sometimes past life memories arise, impressions of future guidance, or emotions, and all of these will have the ability to be discussed post-meditation. The total Skype call will usually last between 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. 

This healing is incredibly unique for everyone, making it accessible for affect your individual needs. It has unlimited potential and will allow the Records to work with your inner healer in the ways that benefit you the most. To the side, you can read testimonials of previous clients, since their stories and experiences will truly capture the transformative nature of these healing sessions. 


  • 1 session: $45
  • Package of 3 sessions: $115
  • Package of 6 sessions: $210

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