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75 Acts of Self-Love


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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75 Acts of Self-Love

Arien Smith

Blog 75 self love.jpeg

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (especially for those of us who are single!), I’ve made a special blog this Saturday. Instead of a conversation on a specific topic, it’s a long list of ways you can bring love into your life, towards yourself. There are ideas here that will make us feel confident, sexy, inspired, cared for, and relaxed—something for anyone to find at least one way to love themselves this February 14th and beyond.

Most of these, of course, can be adapted to be completed with a friend, partner, or spouse. The core idea is to focus on love, honoring yourself, and opening your heart to expansive compassion! They’re all meant to inspire a smile, increase self-love, or simply are fun and cheery things to do. Try out the ones you feel the most drawn to this Sunday! 

Here’s the list:

  1. Write yourself a love poem, as if you were dotingly admiring yourself.
  2. Give yourself a heart massage by gently rubbing your sternum and upper chest—use a nicely scented massage oil if you have some! 
  3. Cook dinner naked when you’re home alone. It’s a fun little bit of self-intimacy that will probably make you smile every time you eat the leftovers of the meal you made. 
  4. Foot massages are really nice, definitely try giving yourself one. 
  5. Draw a heart on a piece of paper and sleep with it under your pillow. 
  6. Buy yourself some chocolates or another form of sweet food. You can indulge one day of the year.
  7. Dress in color. Festive, bright, and engaging! 
  8. Take a long nap…let yourself have a full day of resting and relaxing. 
  9. Heat up the kettle, make some aromatic tea, and watch some fun television as you sip away. 
  10. Pop some popcorn, put it in a huge bowl, and have a private movie night. Wrap yourself in big pillows and blankets for “snuggle buddies.” 
  11. Order a body pillow if you’ve ever wanted one. They’re great single-person cuddle partner (not bones to make the cuddling uncomfortable). 
  12. Take a walk when people nearby are walking their pets. Ask if you can pet one, or two, or more. Animals are extremely loving and fun to interact with! 
  13. Go dress, suit, or nice clothes shopping! Don’t even bring your wallet, but just really indulge in how you look (and take some selfies in the process). 
  14. Write a list of ten body-positive things. What is unique about you? What do you know is super attractive? 
  15. Put on headphones and sing really loud. With the music directly in your ears, you won’t judge your own voice at all and can belt it out like you’re on stage. 
  16. Write yourself a love letter, literally put it in the mail, and send it to yourself. 
  17. Book tickets for an opera, orchestra, or musical performance. Something that’s indulgent, high end, and you can look nice for. 
  18. Buy that thing on amazon that you have had in your wishlist for an eternity. 
  19. Text your best friend something you love about them. 
  20. Eat all the food you have today with love, “good” or “bad.” Your body needs sustenance, sometimes that’s in the form of a treat. Have a guilt free day. 
  21. Treat yourself to an inspiring or beautiful guided meditation. Maybe this is “meeting your twin flame” or “traveling to a forest sanctuary.” There are tons on YouTube, browse around until you find something you like. 
  22. Go eat extra healthy! If you’re passionate about nutrition, take some time to research a super-foods meal, buy the ingredients as soon as you can, and cook it for yourself. 
  23. Take 20 minutes of your day to read about a new skill, hobby, or subject that you’ve been interested in learning but have never had the chance to actually look into. 
  24. Find a role-model. Research some inspiring stories you can relate to so, at the end of the day, you can forever answer that question of “who is someone that really inspired you?”
  25. Stretch or do some yoga. It really feels great. 
  26. Create a loving affirmation to say from this day on. 
  27. Take a bubble bath. Or maybe throw in some essential oils to make it smell wonderful. 
  28. Take a hike, or plan a day to take one soon. Go somewhere nearby that you’ve always wanted to go and make serious plans to do it. 
  29. Can’t afford to travel? That’s okay—make a dream vacation. Start researching locations, events, and everything you’d want to splurge on a time away. Who knows, maybe a few years from now you’ll actually be able to afford it. 
  30. Dance! Find some really moving music, whatever that is to you, and shake it out. 
  31. Daydream, find something super positive to think about. 
  32. Write a short story in the third person about an amazing miracle person, but (secretly, shh) you’re writing about yourself. Word it all like an inspiring memoir of this miracle person, all they survived, all they made out of their life, and what you think “they” are destined to become. 
  33. Make a long list of “I’m different because _________, and that’s awesome/amazing/spectacular/loved/etc.” 
  34. Write to your inner child. What do you wish you could tell yourself, how would you support yourself as a younger you? (Have some tissues nearby, this one can get emotional!)
  35. Meet someone new and authentically connect. Ask some deep questions, just go for it. Reveal some personal stuff; be genuinely you. 
  36. Make a journal entry of “If I had nothing stopping me from achieving (insert your goal here), I’d accomplish it by doing _______.” Write an action plan from the stance of having a perfect life. (Hint: you might actually realize that this goal is still possible in your current life). 
  37. Go get healed. Find a masseuse, Reiki practitioner, energy worker, chakra balancer, acupuncturist, etc. and set up an appointment. 
  38. Make yourself a loving temple or shrine. Buy or lay out some crystals, flowers, drawings, notes, etc.
  39. Write sticky note affirmations for yourself and stick them around your home or room. Make sure to add some on the mirrors! 
  40. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and place it somewhere that really draws attention to it. 
  41. If you struggle with feeling “broken” or “in pieces,” buy some painter’s tape (the kind that isn’t very sticky), cut it into strips and place these strips quickly on some fabric to make them less sticky, then draw a heart on each strip. Put them on your skin, over your heart, on places that hurt and then smile, knowing that you’ve successfully taped yourself back together. 
  42. Tell a close and trustworthy friend about a person you love, platonic or romantic. It will feel amazing to gush about an individual. (Maybe later you can even tell said individual that you gushed about them and really brighten their day). 
  43. Tell your parents that you appreciate them, and get specific. What exactly did you love about your childhood? What clear memories do you have that shaped who you are today? (If you can’t do this with your parents/a parent, then find a long-standing relationship of another sort and give it a try…how did this person impact you in a positive way?)
  44. Remember that dream date you’d go on with a partner? Take yourself on it now. Go to that restaurant, that library, that park, even if you’re alone. 
  45. Light a candle or warm up some essential oils in a diffuser. Take a minute and do nothing but watch it and smell the aroma. 
  46. No matter your gender, paint your nails. If you can, go for really funky and fun colors. You don’t need to keep the polish on, but it might be fun to try for an hour! Colorful hands are a joy to look at. 
  47. Buy a sketchbook or journal and write down or draw one positive thing each day. 
  48. Make a self-care list—things to do when feeling down that you know will work to help you. 
  49. Make a self-care box—open it up in these times you feel down. 
  50. Listen to the “should have, could have, would have” voice in your head and what it’s saying, then transform the points it’s trying to make into “okay, but I did accomplish/do/feel (insert something positive that you’re proud of here).” 
  51. Sleep in. Or don’t even set an alarm.
  52. Pet your own hair. Really stroke and massage your scalp until your eyes are almost closed like a pampered pet. 
  53. Look up cute animal videos. Spend an hour just watching them. 
  54. Play a childhood computer game—something really silly and easy to win at. 
  55. Scrapbook a few memorable times in your life and put them somewhere that you’ll see. If you can’t do this on paper, screenshot some great photos and make a digital style board (like a secret board on Pintrest). 
  56. Attend a class that you’ve wanted to, be it cooking, meditation, dance, art, biology, anything! Enroll today. 
  57. If you’re really adventurous and you have the money, go to the airport or train station with enough stuff packed for a couple nights, and just pick a destination out of the blue. Buy a ticket and go for it! 
  58. Eat at a diner or comfort food restaurant. 
  59. Cozy up with a book on your couch with a lot of blankets and pillows. 
  60. Take a pen and write loving statements, quotes, and affirmations on your body. 
  61. Order take out food and have it delivered. Easy and tasty dinners are always something that’s self loving! (Don’t forget to tip the deliver person). 
  62. Plan a potluck with close friends and give yourself plenty of time to really enjoy each other’s company. 
  63. Buy expensive wine or, if you’re underage, buy a sparkling alcohol-free beverage. Celebrate your own existence. 
  64. Make an upbeat song playlist. You can listen to it right after composing it or save it for a day when you need it most. 
  65. Turn off your cell phone for a day. 
  66. Go to the bank and withdraw $30 or more dollars all in singles. It will feel like a lot of money to have in your wallet! 
  67. Learn about a new religion and find an aspect you like and may want to (appropriately) draw from and adapt to your own spiritual practice. There are many moving prayers, traditions, and ideas out there. 
  68. Make a positive quote journal. Research inspirational quotes and write down the ones that really resonate with you, one per page, in a journal. 
  69. Order an art print from your favorite artist, or purchase some art you can hang up on a wall. 
  70. Buy a plant and spend a little time talking or sitting with it during each day. 
  71. For the next week, take a warm bath every time you return from work, right after stepping in the door. 
  72. Download HiFutureSelf on your phone and write loving messages to your future self. 
  73. Write an inspiring or thankful status on your Facebook (or other social media profile). 
  74. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day card and write a message inside, something really meaningful and significant.
  75. Take a second and think about what your favorite activity to do is. Do it! And if this one isn’t currently feasible, think of the next best thing and do that. Don’t shortcut it, if it’s possible (even just barely) go for it. 

Much love to each and every one of you! You deserve bountiful compassion and wonderful lives. I hope this list helps you bring a little spark of love into this day and all the coming ones. Please consider sharing with a friend or posting this on social media so other people can access this!