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What are the Akashic Records and Why are They So Important?


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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What are the Akashic Records and Why are They So Important?

Arien Smith

The Akashic Records are a concept I’ve often discussed, regarding topics like healing, past lives, and the Akashic Record/Past Life intuitive readings I offer. I decided to focus the majority of my spiritual practice around the Akashic Records after having a series of meditative coincidences that drew me towards the concept (which I didn’t have a name for at the time). Since exploring them through doing Akashic Records readings for others, I’ve been asked to explain what the Records are and why they are worth knowing about. Here you are!

The Akashic Records have many names and similar concepts in theology and philosophy, like the Books of Life and Death, the Tree of Knowledge (and/or of Life) and the Book of Records. “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word that means “ether” or “pure substance.” In essence, Akasha is a word describing the pure Source/Universal consciousness itself—the consciousness that transcends individuality and is all things, all at once. The Source itself is all things and the manifestation of these into ideas, happenings, potentials, dreams, and memories (future, past, and present) are the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are derived from Source directly, hence the origin of “ether” in a Source-based way. The Records are Source. One could even make an analogy of the Records being like the Internet. The Source itself is like all of the code and energy that is behind the information we can access through the Internet. The Akashic Records would be the infinite array of articles, pictures, text, and more that we can read on our computers or phones. The devices we access the Internet through would be our meditating self, focusing on searching the Akashic Records for what we are seeking. 

Although the Akashic Records are often envisioned to be like a library, they are not an actual location or place that one can meditatively (or physically) visit. The Records are simply energy, but an energy that encompasses and weaves throughout all things. Since we can intuit energy when we meditate, it is still possible to interact with the Akashic Records and to even (if it is comfortable for you and helps you to connect to them) see the Records like a library. The Records record the movement of all of these things, as well as holding the infinite possibility for future movement and change in all things. Just like the Source, the Akashic Records permeate all of existence. There is nothing around us that is Record-less. 

We all have our own individual set of Akashic Records, which record our personal past, present, and potential futures. As soon as you come out of the Source itself and have your first moment of individual consciousness, your own individual Records form. It isn’t just human beings and spirits that have Akashic Records, though, everything in existence does. Since the Source exists in us as much as in an atom, each atom itself has Records. The Records exist within everything because they are the highest consciousness of everything.

Since the Akashic Records are Source, they are infinitely creative and infinitely able to manifest through each and every one of our consciousnesses. Because of this, it is important to be aware of the Akashic Records and the infinite potential they hold for you as an individual. Since the Source is everything, witnessing it and its manifestation through you (like through your own individual Records) you can fathom any idea, dream anything, and even use the Akashic Records to supply you with universally healing energy. Some healing modalities, like Reiki, theoretically use the same energy as the Akashic Records—pure Source, pure “universal life force.” The Akashic Records are something to acquaint yourself with because, through them, you can smoothly and safely tap into your infinite potential. 

Since everything already exists within the Records, it’s a curious thought to consider our future and how they may be able to bring insights on that. It’s common knowledge that the Records can detail our past lives, but sometimes the future seems more important to us. Yet, I’ve never used the Records to “find out my future,” since one of my first understandings of the Records was that they worked by potential. Because everything is possible through them, the future is extremely fluid and is (for the most part) what we make of it, making it hard to discern a clear picture of the future. Many futures are possible. The Records, though, can help to guide us towards our most Source-aligned future. There is a version of us that has the potential to be completely free of ego and the Records can and will point this out to you, as long as you open yourself up to guidance. This could mean something as simple as saying (especially when you feel stuck or you’re wondering if you are serving your best and highest interest): “Akashic Records, please help to illuminate the path/choice that is best for me.” Then sit in stillness and feel the deep, intuitive, response. Or perhaps you wake up every days and ask the Records to guide you, consciously and subconsciously, throughout the entirety of the day. They can also work to bring you significant dreams, so perhaps saying a similar affirmation before bed can help to illuminate what the Records wish to shed light on within your subconscious.

The Records, when working with them, will shove your ego into the light. It won’t always be easy work, since the ego resists dissolution, but it will be work that will bring you closer to the Source and to your highest (and happiest) self. The Akashic Records will also provide you with the emotional and energetic strength to face everything that you need to in order to heal. Like with repressed memories (as I’ll talk about below), the Records may choose certain things to expose your mind to at certain moments, and hold others back for when you are ready and have the support you need to handle those. The Akashic Records are compassion manifested into consciousness and since you have your own individual Records, you have the ability to access compassion perfectly catered towards your needs, directly from the Source. 

It is also my belief, regarding my own memories, experiences, and intuitions, that the Akashic Records protect us from memories we can’t handle at certain points in our lifetime. This may mean that, through the Records, the Source chooses to subdue or repress a traumatic memory until we are in a place where this memory can resurface and we can better handle it. The Records also hold all (or most) of our past life information in a repressed state, since it often would not serve us to remember everything in our current lifetime. Since the Source provides only love, these repressed memories (when done by the energetic activity of the Akashic Records) are repressed solely for our best and highest interest. Although repressed memories may have many other causes, physiological as well as psychological, I believe that understanding the love the Universe/Source has for us in moments of trauma and how the Source protects us through the Records in this way is important. It once again shows the unconditional love the Source has for each and every one of us.

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When intentionally using the Records to access past lives, it can be a wonderfully insightful meditation. All past lives are accessed through the Akashic Records and it is my belief that anyone accessing their past lives should be aware of the Records and how they are intended solely for healing. This means that they often will not provide past life information to you if you are not intending healing to come from the information you gather. Yet, when used for healing, the Akashic Records will often abundantly share with you things from your past lives that may be significant towards your current life. Sometimes, this can mean unresolved parts of your ego that still need cleansing, so how your ego manifested in a previous lifetime may arise in a memory. Say you have a memory where you were an addict of some sort: although you may not have any addictions in your current life, the past life memory of being an addict might have arisen to show you that you have unresolved addictive patterns to face, so that you can prevent these patterns from growing. This is similar to dream interpretation, each memory you receive from the Records will mean something that relates to your current and waking life, just like how dreams show exaggerated versions of subconscious needs. Discerning what this is and then working through anything attached to it is where the healing powers of the Records exist. Note, though, that even with the intention of healing, the Records may withhold memories for other reasons which are in your best and highest interest.

Since the Akashic Records generally tend to easily translate insights into mental information, working with them to do any form of Source-aligned spiritual work is easily a beneficial practice. Just trusting that the Source can speak to you through the Records is all you need to begin working with the Akashic Records and the insights in store for you. If you are curious about your past lives, the Records are a great place to start, since they are a safe way of accessing past memories. Just remember to access the Records with a good intention—primarily for healing and to help you evolve into the highest you. If you feel you have personal evolution to undergo first, then you can find a trusted person who can read your individual Akashic Records for you—you just want to make sure that they have healing as their primary focus as well. In a later blog post, I’ll talk about methods of accessing your own personal Akashic Records, as well as Akashic energy more in depth that in this post. Please subscribe (at the bottom of the page) to this website so you will be notified of this!

The Akashic Records, as mentioned, are a powerful healing source--a dose of energy directly from the Universe itself, meant to awaken your highest self. Akashic Record healing can even cleanse your life situation, easing challenges and remedying blocks keeping you from unleashing your light. Interested in experiencing this transformation? Book an Akashic Distance Healing session right now: they're only $45 for the whole experience.