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Focus on Personal Healing, Not on Developing “Psychic” Abilities


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Focus on Personal Healing, Not on Developing “Psychic” Abilities

Arien Smith

Intuition is an amazing thing, filled with absolute wonder and power. It provides us with the ability to know things far beyond our logical minds. This “sixth sense” is something that we all have the ability to access; even people who aren’t actively practicing spirituality will often recognize the merit of a gut feeling. Some people call it just that, some use the word intuition, and others use the phrase psychic abilities. (I’m not in favor of the latter, due to the connotation of sensationalism tied to the word, but there’s no shame in using it if you identify with it.) 

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to develop intuitive and psychic abilities. As an intuitive reader (with the Akashic Record readings, mainly), I’m always more than willing to share my insights into how these abilities can be learned and used. Firstly, I always preface my findings with the belief that the Universe does not limit any one of us from having transcendent and astonishing spiritual abilities, like intuition, clairvoyance, and all other related traits. In the core of all of us is a unique and expansive spirit—equal in power to the Universe itself. There is nothing that limits our intuitive capabilities, other than our own trust in the sense and our ability to discern it. How our intuition manifests may be different for each of us—some of us might work with energy, some of us might read pasts and futures, some of us might work as highly conscious counselors, and others of us might make great detectives. There’s a whole range of ways intuition can become a potent tool for increasing our awareness in all aspects of life. 

It’s natural to want to develop these abilities. We want to have the best talents possible, we want to stand apart from the crowd and have something special that we can share with the world. Perhaps we also want this intuition for personal gain or to help others, or to clearly discern our own future. These desires are not, in any way, harmful, but they are frequently extrapolated on to make the development of our intuition something marketable, rather than stating the truth: intuition is innate within us. Realizing that we are all extremely intuitive already is the first step in the path of serious intuitive development. 

It seems logical to develop this intuition by means of practicing things that are advertised to directly build your intuition or psychic abilities, like guided psychic meditations, specialized attunements for seeing transcendent concepts, blogs about how to talk with spirits, and even classic tools like crystal balls. How many times have you seen something saying that it will open your third eye, help you see the future, or been in a discussion about how to develop some other sort of psychic skill? These have no inherent wrongness, as the use of all of these abilities can serve ourselves and others, but when they are the sole or primary focus, it can become dangerous for our health. If we’re trying to achieve psychic abilities by studying them alone, it’s like trying to build the top floor of a skyscraper with only scaffolding to support you.

Here’s where such development of intuitive abilities is surprising. In order to really develop this ability, in the most powerful and accurate way, we need to work on personal healing first, not on tactics explicitly meant to build our intuitions. This means we should put aside those psychic ability meditations, attunements, and tools, and instead focus on listening to the intuition already within us. Too much use of the tools to uncover the intuition, and we’ll instead obscure it’s initially quiet voice. Intuition requires us to be very aware and in tune, and if we’re spending our energy pursuing grandiose ways of accessing it, we’re overlooking its delicate and important voice. When we do this, we prevent it from becoming loud enough to give those crystal clear visions and insights we all desire. 

If we use our intuition first for listening to the tricks of our own egos and we learn to be more aware of the gut feeling when it exposes what the most healing path is for us, we’ll fine tune ourselves to the most accurate part of this sense. Not to mention, it’s also the most beneficial. Our intuition can quickly become a sense that holds us accountable for doing what is right for us, an inescapable feeling of “yes this is the right thing” or “no! do something else.” Instead of going for the large and obvious intuition—like shocking visions and impressions—learn to pay attention to the small whispers of your intuition. 

If we can do this, we will be able to easily access the more obvious forms of our intuition. Similar to a specialized instrument of detection, the more delicate the ability of detection is, the more it will pick up on larger events too. The same goes for our intuition. Tune into the small impressions of which decisions will be the best for you, your intuitive exposure of your ego, and the very hidden and deep emotions within you. Learning to face and approach all of these are mechanisms of personal healing first will jointly develop the most potent intuitive abilities. We all must fine tune our intuition, because if we can discern its quiet voice, we will certainly be able to discern it’s shouting voice. Naturally, as we develop our ability to listen, we’ll uncover the innate “psychic” abilities we have as well. The sixth sense will become something we can use daily.

As I’ve opened up to my own feelings and liberated myself from resisting even the deepest emotions, I have witnessed my own intuition and empathy increase more than I could have ever expected. The more I’ve committed to personal healing, the more intuitive I realized that I’ve become. There’s an important change that I noticed along this process: as I healed more, I came to trust both myself and the Universe more. This led to the expansion of my intuition as well. 

Trust is such an important part of all spiritual paths. It takes time to develop, so there’s no need for us to be instantly and unconditionally trusting in the Universe or ourselves, but it’s worth us beginning to pursue. Through trust we will come to listen to even the smallest whispers of our intuition and believe in them. We’ll then marvel as they end up being correct, and that will then fuel more trust towards our intuitions. This trust will allow the sense to deepen. But first, we must pay attention to the small voice of intuition, because if we can trust this and learn to discern what it feels like, the larger statements our intuition makes will be automatically believed.

Developing intuitive abilities doesn’t mean creating more intuition—it really just means developing our ability to listen closer. Our spirits already have all the energy and awareness to be perfectly intuitive, it’s our “ears” that need to do the work. Intuition is developed by listening to the sense, rather than actually building up the sense itself. Much like how we can already smell, or taste, or see, if we bring awareness to the sense, it sharpens. The sense itself is already present, but we need to trust that what we’re experiencing is real and then tune ourselves in. Just like one of our physical senses, intuition needs to be sharpened similarly. 

This is the concept about intuition that is frequently misunderstood and leads to people believing that the development of “psychic” abilities will lead to personal healing, when it is actually the other way around. We are already intuitive beings, filled with a transcendent ability to simply know. It is our humanity and our limited trust in listening to this gut sense that closes us off from our intuition. Pursuing these abilities before personal healing takes away the much needed energy for self-awareness, which is the awareness that truly grows our intuition. When we listen to ourselves, our emotions, and our needs, we will soon be able to listen to the guidance of the Universe and world—all of which our intuition is broadcasting to us. This guidance will lead to the development of the expansive insights that we classically know as intuition and psychic abilities. 

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