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How the Akashic Records Heal


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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How the Akashic Records Heal

Arien Smith

Energy healing is as complex as the varied modalities of allopathic medicine alive today. From Chinese medicine, to Ayurveda, to Reiki, to more modern techniques, the idea of healing with some form of intangible energy, mentality, spirit, or consciousness is nothing new. Time and time again, it is proven itself to be powerful and impactful. Most of my intuitive work is with the Akashic Records and when I discovered that they were able to provide intense energy healing as well as intuitive insights, I was elated. 

So, how do the Akashic Records work as a healing force?

I had this question when I first began experiencing the healing side of the Records. I knew the basics of how it worked: just like with well-known modalities like Reiki, I would work as a channel for a higher consciousness (in this case, the Akashic Records), and allow their energy to flow through me and into the individual needing healing. This was how Reiki worked, which was another form of healing which channels the Universe’s pure energy through the healer. Yet, as a Reiki practitioner too, I also sensed some significant differences between both practices. These differences made them complementary in a powerful and enriching way—two separate but powerful practices of healing.

The Akashic Records, in my experience, are simply an energy field which surrounds the center of the Source itself (here's a blog specifically about the Records). Technically, the Source is all things, so the Akashic Records are Source itself; they are not separate from this central power. The Records are simply a more accessible medium for accessing this energy. Just like how all energy healers have some visual, practice, or ritual that they adhere to in order to begin healing, communicating with the Akashic Records is much the same. The Records are a divine tool for accessing the compassionate power of the Universe. 

This type of healing has some significant advantages through how it focuses on specific components in need of healing. Because the Akashic Records has the same energy as that of pure memory—something we all access each moment of our day, whether we know we are accessing the Records or not—the Akashic Records are a familiar energy for our minds and spirits. This alone creates a unique type of healing, since we can easily know how the healing works within us, immediately after the healing itself. The Records fill us with unconditionally loving energy and then make it mentally accessible, because the Records are already working in our consciousness and our minds are already familiar with how memories and intuitive ideas arise. We all have the mental foundation needed to clearly hear the voice of the Records. 

With this accessibility, when Akashic energy breaks through a block in our spirit, we know what it changed within us. Instead of just having the energy work in the background and in our subconscious field, it quickly moves into our conscious thought via the Records. Akashic energy easily translates into visuals, impressions, and thoughts—after all, think of how vivid past life memories can be! This is the energy of the Records, moving from energy into consciousness within us. This way, when we are liberated from an energetic block, we know exactly what was holding us back. We can then hold onto this thought so we can do the personal work after to heal this block. 

With this knowledge, we are empowered to make a more conscious decision to heal this specific part of our psyche and being. Several other forms of energy healing, like Reiki, also have the capacity to illuminate what we must do or change on our paths, but Akashic energy is so extremely accessible to our minds that these insights rise quickly. Those that I have worked with have almost all had these insights appear immediately after the energy healing session itself. After all, if we are unaware of what within us needs healing and we simply receive the energy, then we will not be as empowered to heal ourselves completely on our own—we may become reliant on the energy healing rather than taking charge of our own healing capabilities. When the thoughts of how to heal ourselves arises directly from the Records after a healing session, we can then take this knowledge and use it to pursue the healing we need in our lives beyond the energy itself. All energy healing modalities have the potential for these thoughts to arise quickly, and the Akashic Records work as a medium to speed this essential awareness up.

The Akashic Records also work with memory, so they can help to free us from past life burdens and past pains still stuck in our memories from this life. We carry residual negativity, trauma, toxic patterns, and energy blocks from our pasts, and the Records directly work with this to free us from these hinderances. The Records also directly impact our life situation, since they recognize that we are one with our lives. In the process of shaping our own reality, we can use the power of the Records to directly impact our living situations. Their transcendent and loving energy can work through the challenges we are facing simply by our choice to surrender to the Source through them. 

The Records are a form of intelligent energy, so they flow exactly where they are needed to create the most centered, aligned, and amazing life. Whether this is within our lives or within our being, this energy will flow into the areas we need it most. If we are struggling to find a career, the Records can flow through us to attract the best job possible. If we are trying to handle deep grief, the Records can provide us loving sustenance to accept and survive the emotion. Their energy is holistic and comprehensive; the Records are the Universe’s direct consciousness, filled with loving intent and infinite power. 


Are you interested in one on one Akashic healing? I’ve been working with the Records for years, so using them for healing is nothing new to me. Their energy travels easily across distance and can heal you from all blocks holding you back in your life, including the challenges themselves that you are facing. Here’s all the information you need to embark on a healing journey with this transcendent field of energy!