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How to Attain Bliss


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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How to Attain Bliss

Arien Smith

“The only requirement for eternal bliss is the desire to attain it.”

This phrase popped into my mind earlier this week when I was meditating. Inspired from two weeks of joy, mostly thanks to practicing the Radical Acceptance Project, I realized this insight is applicable to anyone’s spiritual practice, able to transform our views on enlightenment, intention, and peace.

Bliss is an essential part of what we know as spiritual enlightenment—bliss is the state of total peace, contentment, and joy that is experienced when we are one with the Universe, or our chosen Higher Power. It is a state of total transcendence where all the ebbing and flowing of life moves around the blissful individual, never impairing their divine state. Doesn’t this sound ideal? 

We’ve come to know that enlightenment does not always mean feeling great, but bliss can coexist even with heavier emotions like loss, pain, and melancholy. We often think of emotions as singular experiences, that we can only feel one thing at one point in time, but this is a false mental perception. Our egos limit our perception of emotions, just like how our egos tend to see the world in black and white, good and bad. Because of this, when we experience a “bad” emotion, our ego tells us that no “good” emotion is possible at this point. This is a self-imposed limitation on our feelings.

What happens if we drop this perception entirely? For a moment, let’s all believe that we can feel both “good” and “bad” at the same time. 

When we stop to think about this, it becomes a real possibility and we move beyond our egos. Through more reflection, we might also come to realize that we often experience complex emotions which span this binary our minds believe is the only “truth.” We all know what it’s like to cry from joy and how complex that feeling is. We all know how relief and pain can coexist. These are just some of the complexities of our emotional experiences, so who is to say that we cannot experience eternal bliss amongst all of life, and our emotions, have to offer us? 

When I heard my inner voice speak the phrase about bliss, I recognized that the only thing holding me back from beginning to manifest a state of eternal bliss was that I wasn’t giving myself the permission to do so. I didn’t have the intention to live a life complete and filled with bliss, even through the chronic pain, PTSD, and natural life hardships I experience. This thought made me stop for a second and think, “If I give up needing things to be perfect in order to feel blissful, then I can be blissful.” I may not always feel “great” as we’d quantify it, but I can certainly feel aligned to my pure essence of being in any and all moments. 

Using the power of intention, you can achieve a state of bliss as well. At first (and I’m still very much in this part of the process too), you may need to remind yourself to intend to feel blissful again periodically, but each time you intend it, your state will completely shift to something more positive and accepting. That is the power of intention. 

So often, we believe that we must “seek” enlightenment, bliss, and joy. In reality, they are already in existence in our life, we only need to tell ourselves that they are already accessible. These states are universally available, no matter the situation we are in. Even in the most painful of places, we can experience a total contentment with our state of being—letting go of resistance makes room around the pain for joy to enter. Much of this comes through first accepting the reality of the pain, then—with this newfound surrender—we transform the energy we were using to resist into energy we can now use to add bliss to our situation.

This joy may be active, commanding us to do something to better our life situation and providing us the inspiring energy to do so, or it may be passive, simply allowing us to be at peace in the moment. Learning to give ourselves continuous permission to feel this is the key for accessing it, that’s it. That’s the Truth of enlightenment, that’s how we feel bliss eternally. Even if we think it is impossible to make room for peace amongst the pain we are feeling in a moment, we must at least give ourselves the permission for such contentment to enter—if we believe that we cannot feel anything but pain in the moment, then we are committing ourselves to only feeling pain. If we intend for the possibility of something better to enter into our lives, we provide ourselves the room to feel bliss amongst all our experiences, even those which may shock us and leave us wondering how both states can coexist. 

Right now, take a breath and give yourself permission to feel blissful. For one single moment, provide yourself all the space you need to feel this state of transcendence—no matter how unattainable you have believed it is, tell yourself it is now possible and that you are blissful. Breathe in this for a few moments. 

The next time you are stressed, hurting, or concerned, practice this again. Give yourself the permission to be blissful in these states too. Hold no requirement for the painful feelings to change in order to feel bliss, just tell yourself you can feel it already in the state of stress. The change is a common, but not essential, after-product of making the space for bliss. Ultimately, your individual bliss will transform your life into the best it can be in that moment, so long as you provide the chance for bliss to enter into your being. The only requirement for such transcendence is the desire to attain it, right in the moment where you are. 

Accepting emotions and finding this transformation can take some practice, so I'd love to help you move, step by step, into a greater place of bliss with mindfulness coaching. There's been incredible growth in every client, even with just one single session. Talk about an efficient way to make room for more bliss!