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The Impact of Anxiety on Your Energy


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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The Impact of Anxiety on Your Energy

Arien Smith

A while back on my blog, I talked about the vital energy at the core of our being. It’s often known as prana, life force, subtle energy, or the Source within us. This energy fuels all of our actions, both physical and spiritual, and is vital to maintaining good physical and mental health. When this energy is blocked, we can suffer from ailments of both the body and mind and, likewise, impacts life has on us can influence the flow of this energy. It’s vital to stay conscious and aware of how this energy is expended, cared for, and treated.

Unfortunately, the things that zap this energy the fastest are stress and anxiety and these are both two of the most common afflictions in today’s world. We live in a fast-paced, success-oriented society that treats self-care as optional and hard work as necessary. Our core energy needs to be taken care of, yet most of us are too busy to even become aware of it, let alone nurture it. 

Anxiety is something that every person experiences at some point in their lifetime and there’s nothing wrong with anxiety itself. Like any emotion, it serves a purpose when it first arises and it’s only when we do nothing to remedy it, take care of ourselves, or examine the underlying issue that it can become unnecessarily perpetual and draining. 

Some people have situations, stresses, or disorders that limit the number of days without anxiety. I have post-traumatic stress disorder, which is an anxiety condition that keeps me hyper-alert each day. Managing anxiety, for me, takes a bit more work and understanding. I recognize that not all of us can control our anxiety and, knowing that this isn’t always possible, it’s important to mention how this doesn’t ensure we will never have healthy energy. We can certainly live with bountiful energy, so long as we reduce the anxiety we can and accept what we can’t—if we resist the anxiety we have, we’re spending a lot of extra energy just fighting it and that energy is freed once we wholly and unconditionally accept the way this subtle fear and stress sneaks into our lives.

Anxiety of any sort impacts our energy and tires us out. Mentally, our minds are racing and can’t slow down. Physically, our pulse and blood pressure increase. Spiritually, we’re relying on our core energy to sustain us through this very demanding state. In fight or flight moments, this is a fantastic surge of energy, but when it comes to the everyday stress we almost all experience, it only serves to drain us and deplete our vital energetic resources.

It’s both the recovery from times like this and preventing future anxiety that are vital to sustaining our life force. We need to return the lost prana so we don’t leave our subtle energy bodies struggling to get by on minimal reserves and make ourselves susceptible to worse bouts of anxiety or physical illness. 

So how do we handle protecting our energy in the face of anxiety? 

There are several important ways to do this. The first is to begin deep self-examination to discover the cause of our anxiety and the ways, if any right now, that we can treat it. This may require professional help or some lifestyle changes, but ultimately getting to the root of the problem is the best solution in all taxing situations. 

Another thing we can do is practice more self-care and energy healing work. Here is a meditation that can increase your prana, just by breathing, and here is a list of 75 self-care ideas. The latter helps calm us, which can reduce anxiety, especially if we add a bit of self care into our daily routine. When it comes to meditation, this is a fantastic way to increase our energy, but there are thousands more. Energy healing (like Reiki), sun-bathing, walking outside, napping, and many other things are all potential ways to recharge. 

One specifically spiritual solution is to consciously protect our energy from influential outside forces, especially negative places and toxic relationships. Avoiding these is our best bet, but it’s also nearly impossible to do unless we choose to completely isolate from all people, communal spaces, and media. Since we can’t fully escape this, starting our day with a simple energy shielding exercise will protect our life force from being pulled out by these draining situations. 

To do this, it can be as simple as imagining a bright glowing light, like a bubble, around you. Let it coat your skin and feel its warmth, knowing and trusting that it will protect your energy without exhausting you in the process—this shield of light is fueled directly by the Universe itself. Once you deeply connect with this light, set your intention of how long you wish for it to stay with you, and then open your eyes and move on with your day, aware that this energy is protecting the core of your being. Whenever you feel someone or something is draining, call upon it and sense it’s warmth around you.

Your energy is essential for your being and taking at least a couple minutes every day to check in with yourself and evaluate if and how it was drained is essential for living a fruitful and engaged spiritual life. Once you are aware of the impact the world makes on your energy, you will be more empowered to take better care of it.