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Why it is so Important to Love the Sick Parts of Your Body


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Why it is so Important to Love the Sick Parts of Your Body

Arien Smith

I don't think there's a person on this planet that isn't, at some time, plagued with at least a pesky ailment, illness, or disease. Our skin is frequently affected, like with warts, fungi, bacteria, eczema, acne; we also get indigestion, sore throats, runny noses; we have chronic conditions and painful disorders. Then there are a plethora of more severe illnesses that we can contract.

I've been fortunate enough to never have battled a life threatening illness, which is something I'm incredibly grateful for. But, since I am indeed human, I have had pesky ailments hit me at an alarming frequency as well as a chronic pain disorder. Over time, I've come to learn what ailments are associated with certain energy imbalances (I'll be sure to go through these more in depth in later posts, especially if I get requests about this topic). When the imbalance is severe enough, I've noticed my body reacts by producing or becoming susceptible to an ailment. Although I witness this the most in myself, I've seen it happen countless times in others as well. That's how our bodies work; our energy affects us. A common spiritual principle is "When are you in a state of 'dis-ease,' or not at ease with yourself/your energy, it's more likely your body with have a disease." Even scientific studies prove that our immune systems are worse when we're stressed. 

For a couple years I've battled certain conditions which have really destroyed my psyche when it came to my body. I felt dirty and secretive about the shameful ways my body was susceptible to such disease and illness. Although I was still strong and mostly able-bodied, these conditions distressed me. I found myself ashamed of the sections of my body that were afflicted, and I was hesitant to even think about them for fear of giving the condition more power. I wanted to cut off my foot or tear away a toenail. That would have hurt and caused a lot more damage, but my level of distress over even small ailments was severe enough that it made me wish these acts were possible. Most likely, not everyone is so distressed about small and harmless conditions, but I (and probably others) sometimes are. We all have triggers in our bodies. 

It was only the other night, after doing a lot of work with my root chakra, that I realized it was harmful to be afraid of interacting with afflicted areas of my body (or even seeing them as something other than me--"the diseased skin", not "an afflicted patch of skin that's also me"). I was laying under my sheets, incredibly aware of the contact this area was making with my bed and feeling like it had poisoned that entire spot with infection. Of course, infection can travel through contact, but my paranoia was exaggerated in the moment.

I became aware of how I had not actually considered these affected areas to be a part of me. My body equals me. "Damaged areas" were other, I was the untainted me. But I was wrong! These afflicted parts of my body were me as well, just like my hard-to-handle emotions were fully me. My body was saying "hey, pay attention, there's something in you that I'm showing you is wrong. You're not at ease!" Before this awakening, I wasn't thanking my body for sharing this information, I was pushing it away and harming my mental state and energy body more.

I've come to understand, after years of energy work, that almost all illness and disease has energetic and spiritual roots. (It has physical ones too and everyone can catch illnesses, but there's also a reason why practices like Reiki alone have cured disease). My root chakra had been really off during the time of this realization, so of course my feet were afflicted with things. I suddenly became grateful to my body for showing me that I really need to work through the emotional and physical consequences simultaneously. They existed in synergy.

I learned that it was only harming me to reject the ill places of my body. We all struggle through different states of health and often we can't control what our bodies are afflicted with, but our mentality about these areas is something we almost always have control over. When I focused intently on the sick areas of my body and told myself, internally, that they were me and a part of me I loved, something really changed. I felt calmer, more still and peaceful.