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Manifest Yourself Some Money (or Other Wants You Have)


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Manifest Yourself Some Money (or Other Wants You Have)

Arien Smith

The law of attraction, which dictates that our thoughts and intentions influence (or even control) our reality is a popular concept in most modern spiritual circles. Even with people who set goals and don’t practice any form of strict spirituality, they recognize the power of their thoughts. If you think you can’t do something, it’s a good chance that you won’t be able to. If you have faith in yourself, you’ll most likely succeed in that particular endeavor. Although a lot of this is the stuff coaching focuses on, this principle can be applied towards manifestation meditations: a specific type of meditation which focuses on consciously creating something in your life. 

It’s a fairly simple meditation, but can be extremely powerful. I heard about this type of work a couple months ago and decided to test it out with my own finances. I followed this meditation (the one below) and visualized a certain amount of money coming my way in a certain amount of time—if it came true, it would have been more than I had ever received in a week. To my surprise, it came true with an extra $100 on top! Since then, I’ve tried this time and time again for money, relationships, career, and other goals I have. 

Ultimately, what happens is up to the Universe and what is in your best interest (and feasibly possible), but your intuition will probably guide you towards exactly that throughout the practice. Give this a try to manifest more money, have a specific situation pan out, define your life purpose, or otherwise intend for a certain part of your life to happen a specific way.

  1. Like with any meditation, start with some deep breathing or a simple way of centering yourself. You don’t need your mind to be entirely still, you just need to reach a place of presence and focus so you can smoothly move through this meditation. This calming exercise in the beginning will also help you notice any anxiety or doubt that arises (which is natural when seeking something you really want). In these moments, pause your visualization and just breathe with the emotion for a second, staying present with it and acknowledging it, then respectfully asking it to leave just for the time this meditation takes. 
  2. Once you feel aware enough, set a thought or verbalize an intention. I usually say something like “this meditation is a powerful manifestation exercise capable of influencing my life situation directly. All that happens as a result of this is in my best and highest interest and my intentions are fueled by the Source itself.” (You can replace Source with whatever works best for you—God, Universe, Divine, the Earth, etc.)
  3. After this intention, ask your intuition what feels right. When it comes to something like money, ask “what amount by what date should be the focus of this meditation?” Most likely a number that feels expansive but comfortable will arise in your mind. If it’s less than expected, you can always set the intention of “I’d like to request more from the Universe, is there another number that feels better?” Remember, you deserve joy and, if this request will help guide you towards that, the Universe will wholeheartedly support you. 
  4. For situation-based manifestation, still ask your intuition about it. If it’s perhaps moving in with a partner or solving a concern as “when and how is the best time/way to accomplish this?” Allow an intuitive picture of the situation to come into your mind. 
  5. From these intuitions, take the rest of this meditation to vividly visualize the situation. Imagine yourself there, receiving the money or living the situation. Let yourself be happy, joyous, and radiant. During the meditation, I highly encourage smiling, nodding, and making any other affirmative gestures you feel helps emphasize the reality of this meditation. 
  6. During this visualization, really get into it. The more detailed you picture in this meditation, the more powerful the effect will be. Really imagine yourself living in—what are the smells, the sensations, the emotions? 
  7. After taking as long as you wish for this visualization portion (anywhere from 1 or more minutes), set a closing intention. Something along the lines of “what I just visualized has a very real ability to come true and from here on, my life will naturally guide itself towards the achievement of this goal. I have done my part and will continue to flow with the energy of this meditation from now on.” In essence, it needs to represent that you believe this is likely to happen and that you have done all you need to, so you can give the rest of the world to the universe around you. 
  8. Once you complete your closing intention, recenter yourself and gently come out of the meditation, taking your time to come back. Open your eyes, shift your extremities, and get up when you’re ready, making sure to bask in the dream you just experienced! 

It’s important to remember, like with any external goal, that it isn’t a substitute for self-examination and healing. If you’re concerned about your finances, going through this practice can be a great thing to do, but rationally you’ll also want to examine what you can do to increase money logistically and, if you can’t control it or the anxiety is purposeless, you’ll also want to examine the emotions you’re holding and why they are there. Manifestation meditations are a type of external “influence-the-world” work and this needs to be partnered with inner reflection. 

Granted, the visualization in this meditation can also be used for internal work, mainly by increasing the trust you have in yourself, solving emotional or relationship concerns, or by demonstrating the potential reality your dreams really have! After this, all of your intentions will feel more realistic, accessible, and achievable.