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Monday Mindfulness: Blooming Steps Meditation


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Blooming Steps Meditation

Arien Smith

Mm-blooming steps.jpeg

As the end of February comes around, the weather in Baltimore starts to turn its temperatures towards Spring. I respect winter, and the snow is pretty, but I’m definitely an individual who prefers warmer temperatures. Yesterday, I was walking to a local cafe to meet up with someone and I stumbled upon a beautiful array of colorful crocus flowers peeking out of the ground near my apartment, joyously embracing the warmer temperatures. As I paused to look at them, memories of a walking meditation I once practiced came to mind. (If you want to see the cuties, I took a photo of the flowers to use for this blog's graphic).

The weather is slowly becoming warmer, so it’s the perfect time to begin a walking meditation practice. Most of us have to walk around several times a week, minimum, so this meditation is easy to implement. All it requires is that you slow your walking pace a little and focus on the act a different way. 

This meditation was inspired from a practice I read about a year ago, called “A Lotus Flower Blooms Beneath Each Step.” The lotus is a highly symbolic flower in spirituality, and bringing the beautiful vision of it blooming into our meditative practices can inspire significant emotional and energetic shifts in our consciousness. Walking meditations themselves are powerful. They work well with the root chakra because of the physical element, but can help to cohesively heal our entire energy bodies when we turn a normal act into a sacred experience. 

Expanding beyond the original meditation, we can use a variety of flowers throughout this blog’s practice. Flowers have been symbolic for thousands of years; there are whole directories on the meaning of flowers. Roses for passion, lotus for peace, lily for sympathy, and so on. Incorporating a flower of your choice into this practice makes it more individual and impactful. Let’s say you need more passion in your life, so you choose to envision the rose in this meditation. Perhaps you want to better adore life, so you choose to picture the sunflower blooming. The possibilities are endless.

This meditation is a simple one to follow:

  1. Set your intention before walking, picture the flower you wish to have bloom underneath your feet today and what this flower means to you. If you have access to the actual flower, you can carry it with you, but all that is really required is your ability to imagine this flower blooming under your every step. 
  2. As you walk, pay extra attention to the sensation of your feet touching the ground, with each step. When you feel the connection to the earth (even if you’re indoors), picture a flower blooming underneath your feet. Each step produces a new flower.
  3. If you had connected a particular intention to the flower, remind yourself of it if you wish, or just trust that the imagined flower imbues you with it’s meaning regardless of your recalling it in the moment of the meditation. 
  4. Be sure to manifest your worthiness here; you deserve to have this flower bloom at each point of contact with the earth. You are a sacred being and this flower is the visual trail of your sacredness. It is your intention and your power manifesting this blooming ethereal form as you travel. 
  5. Continue this for as long as you’d like, keeping with the same flower or switching up what you are picturing. 

This practice is known for being a type of living mindfulness. Like the previous Monday Mindfulness on conscious showering, living mindfulness is a type of practice that turns a regular daily activity into an act of spirituality. They are some of the easiest forms of mindfulness to begin with, since your ego can’t tell you that you don’t have time to practice them—you’re already committed to the act, now you just need to be conscious during it! 

I’ve found this walking meditation to be one of the most sacred practices and, with that, one of the most healing. Being outdoors in general is a rejuvenating experience. When adding such a meaningful component to walking, the action becomes a source of awakening, peace, and inspiration. 

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