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Monday Mindfulness: Guided Meditation to Clear Your Mind


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Guided Meditation to Clear Your Mind

Arien Smith

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a blog on how to clear your mind through meditation. Now, I’m offering a more interactive and engaging guided meditation video on the same subject. Especially when it comes to such a concentrated exercise, having someone’s voice lead you along can be incredibly powerful and beneficial! This practice, especially when completed several times, can truly transform your quality of life by working directly to provide more space and peace in your mind.

In this video, I’ll be using a bell tone to remind you to release your thoughts and re-enter a state of stillness. Finding this place of stillness is the goal of all spiritual practices, since living in the present moment with our minds clear of distracting and incessant thought brings total peace, acceptance, and contentment. You’ll be amazed at what pains leave when you surrender your thoughts. 

Even when you try this meditation with little “success,” it will still have a profound impact. Each time you try to clear your mind, there is a little more space that you create between your thoughts and your true self—this space allows more of your inner light to shine forwards, unhindered by the never-ending mental chatter we are all too frequently afflicted with. 

Give this meditation a try, once a day, for a week and I promise that you will feel more centered, stable and peaceful. It’s a short bit to sacrifice each day for such an incredible personal shift—after all, this meditation is only about ten minutes long. 

Do you struggle to clear your mind, but want to live a healing, spiritual, and content life? I can provide intense and engaging mindfulness coaching, where we can work together to find the exact exercises to create this ideal life for you.