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Monday Mindfulness: Healing with the Akashic Records


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Healing with the Akashic Records

Arien Smith

The foundation of my own spiritual practice is working with the Akashic Records. I meditate with them multiple times a week during Akashic Record readings, as well as ask them for guidance in my life whenever I need it. Since they are pure Source, they can be an incredible energy field to access when you have any positive intent. If you want to learn more about the Records and why they are such a powerful modality to work with, I’ve written a blog on them here

Because they are composed of pure loving energy, the Akashic Records can also be used for energy healing. I discovered this when I was practicing Reiki and recognized that the Reiki energy (“Universal life force”) felt synonymous with Akashic energy. Reiki is meant to stay pure and with an unaltered sacred practice, but working with the Records allows more fluidity in energy work—there is room for the imposition of intention.

I’ve written a guided meditation about healing your past selves, your current self and energy, and setting positive intention and alignment for your future through an Akashic Record healing. This healing can be applied to any and all aspects of your existence, since the Akashic Records are all-encompassing.

This meditation is highly symbolic, leaning on the common images of the Records—the book that records our lives. Although the Records truly are just an energy field, the visual image provides us a tool for accessing this meditation on a deeper level. Visual meditations are a powerful modality for accessing otherwise inconceivable energies. 

I recommend that you read through this entire meditation before practicing it, to have a feeling of the journey you will embark on. Although you may need to open your eyes and reference the steps your first few times doing this, if you continue this as a regular practice, you will soon be able to guide yourself.

Meditating with the Akashic Records

  1. Like with all meditations, first take some time to become comfortable and settled, and close your eyes. Here’s a blog on deep breathing, but you can also just get into the meditative mood in any other way. You know yourself best. 
  2. When settled, focus on a point of golden light in your abdomen, right at your belly button. Known as the Hara, it is an energy center (but not a chakra) that channels the Records directly. Do your best to imagine this energy in yourself lighting up a pure golden color, perhaps pulsing or feeling warm. Even if this is difficult to visualize, trust that the energy is there anyways. 
  3. Now imagine yourself in one of two places, whichever works the best for you. An open and expansive field, with a beautiful outdoor landscape is one of them. The other would be in an ornate and beautiful library, with a long hallway. These two visuals tend to work best for image-based meditations about the Records. Ultimately, this is your practice and you can expand upon the visuals as you feel fit; these aren’t set in stone.
  4. At the far end of the field or library, you see a beautiful golden tree, growing tall out of the ground with twisting branches. You can feel how sacred and powerful this tree is—it is almost like the tree is the center of the Universe. You know this tree is the heart of the Akashic Records, an energy consciousness from which all of the Records flow.
  5. You slowly walk towards this, feeling and knowing you are safe and protected by the place you are in, and that this tree is filled with loving and compassionate energy. After taking your time to walk towards it, you sit beneath the tree, in the grass or on the floor of the library. 
  6. In the meditation, you feel the tree ask you to close your eyes, and you do so within the meditation. When asked to reopen them a moment later, you look down and see an open book in your hands. It’s ornate and heavy, with a sturdy and incredible feeling to it. The pages are glowing a bright gold. It is absolutely radiant with light. 
  7. You know that this book represents your own Records, pure within the whole Akashic energy field and untainted with fears, worries, or stressors of your life. These are your Records in their most sacred form. Upon realizing this, you also recognize that you can turn the pages of this book to whichever “chapter” you wish to focus on, or use the book as a whole during this meditation.
  8. You ask the Records for healing at this point, perhaps saying something like “I wish to align with the purity, love, and awareness in my Akashic Records that I hold before me. I intend for the Akashic energy to heal me (you can add “in regards to” a specific thing here as well).”  This point in the meditation is where you direct the healing towards which aspects you wish to. 
  9. You can feel the sacred tree behind you, supporting your healing desire. You know all healing in your best and highest interest can come to you in this meditation, it only requires your willingness to accept it.
  10. Once you set this intention, you begin to witness the light from this book flowing into your own body, perhaps directly through the energy center you first connected with in this meditation, the Hara. The Akashic energy flows into you with a great healing force, and likewise pulls out any parts of your energy containing negativity. You can feel the Records aligning you towards a state of pure healing during this process. Depending on your intentions, it’s possible to feel anything from strong emotion to incredible relief.
  11. Here, you can continue this part of the meditation for as long as you wish. You may notice that insights and intuitions arise, you hear ringing sounds, feel warmth or a subtle vibration, or just bask in stillness. It’s also possible to receive images from your Records, like that of past lives or guidance about the future or current situations. 
  12. Once you feel you have completed what you need, you see the light return to a state of stillness and recognize that your own body is glowing the same gold as your book. You feel refreshed and cleansed, fully aware of the constant support of the Records in all aspects of your life, especially in the aspects where you directly asked for healing. 
  13. You place your book on the ground and observe the roots of the sacred tree covering the book, pulling it once again into the cohesive body of the entire Akashic Records. You thank the Records and this tree for the healing they have provided you, and you sense that they were more than willing to provide the healing and you know they will continue to do so in all aspects of your life. 
  14. The landscape or library beings to fade from view, dissolving into a wonderful white-gold light. Slowly, you begin to sense your body on this plane again, perhaps wiggling your toes and fingers a little or focusing on your breath. 
  15. Once ready, you slowly open your eyes and sit still for a moment, coming back to your body as it is here on this earth. You recognize a sense of difference and a feeling of healing that this meditation has brought you, and you know the Records still flow through you as much as they did during the active portion of this practice. 

Take your time rising after this meditation, allow yourself to sit or lay down as long as you need to. You might even find it beneficial to take a short nap after, allowing the energy to sink in during your sleep—it’s natural to feel a sort of “healing fatigue!” No matter what, give yourself some time before performing complex tasks like driving. This is a healthy practice for any deep meditation! 

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There are many ways you can alter this meditation, especially when it comes to setting your intention or turning the pages of your book. If you have an interest in inner child work, you can ask for the Records to illuminate your childhood “book.” Perhaps you want to focus on aligning your career to the intentions of the Records/Universe—ask for the Records to bring forth a book representing your career in this lifetime. Maybe it’s finances, or healing yourself in regards to a relationship.

There are infinite possibilities of what you can ask for, so this meditation might be something worth trying more than once. The Records are incredibly powerful and truly infinite in their capacity to aid us spiritually. 

The Akashic Records, as mentioned, are a powerful healing source--a dose of energy directly from the Universe itself, meant to awaken your highest self. Akashic Record healing can even cleanse your life situation, easing challenges and remedying blocks keeping you from unleashing your light. Interested in experiencing this transformation? Book an Akashic Distance Healing session right now: they're only $45 for the whole experience.