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Monday Mindfulness: Infinity Healing


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Infinity Healing

Arien Smith

The infinity symbol is something that we can all recognize. It holds potent symbolism is easily be applied to many spiritual subjects, from the unending compassion of the Universe to the constant existence of the present moment. Infinity represents the truest forms of reality. 

Because of the layered and mystical meaning of the symbol, it is easy to connect an intention to it and then use the symbol for personal healing and energy work. Like all energy work, it is manifested through intention. If you find power in the infinity symbol, you can use it to affect your subtle energy body, chakras, and psyche. 

I remember once, a couple years ago, briefly picking up a copy of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. It was an elaborate workbook of intuitive energy healing techniques that I only briefly looked into, but one exercise was to sweep your arms in a criss-crossing way over your entire body. It was intended to clear energy around you, like from one’s “aura.” I was curious and gave it a try later in the day—surprisingly, after under a minute of motion, I felt incredibly refreshed and more vibrant! The key was the infinite figure-eight motion of the movement, it allowed for comfortable repetition and a reminder that my energy was infinitely sustained from the core of my being.

Maybe energy healing for you is something that has turned you off from mindfulness and meditation work. As a Reiki practitioner and intuitive energy worker, I want to push you to try it. Energy work thrives on trusting the potential and, honestly, why not attempt to heal in a spiritual way? It’s convenient, costs nothing, and thousands of people swear by it. For you, this exercise and the infinity symbol could be simply symbolic and you can intend for them to only effect your mental environment, similar to a touch-stone, stress releasing ball, or doodling. If you can’t bring yourself to trust energy work, then dive more into the psychology behind the symbol.

Below I’ve brainstormed several ways of using this infinity symbol as an energy healing, soothing, or meditation gesture. With all of these, you’ll first want to set your intention with the symbol’s use. Some of these you may want to find a quiet place, even if this means ducking away to use the restroom for a moment at work. 

There are an infinite (pun intended) number of uses for the symbol, but here are some to start:

  • Whole body Cleanse: I mentioned this one earlier, within the intro to this article. Here, you’ll want to stand up (if possible for you), or sit in a position that you can move your arms over the majority of your body. From here, swing your arms above your head, then throw them down to your feet, but have them cross in the middle of your body. They sweep along the floor, then rise up, criss-crossing once again near your center. It’s like one huge infinity symbol over your whole body. While practicing this, imagine this motion casting away any negativity and refreshing you with bountiful light, inspiration, love, or whatever else you need in the moment. The motion throws toxicity away and draws in healing energy.
  • Anxiety Release: This one is a type of exercise you can do in public, since it’s extremely subtle. You’ll want to take a finger, perhaps your thumb or a pointer finger, and draw an infinity symbol with in repetition over the opposite palm. Similar to squeezing a stress-ball or holding a touch stone, you can use this to calm yourself in situations where you need a discreet anchor. If it’s possible to focus on this at the time, visualize the symbol sending soothing and relaxing energy to enter into your skin and spirit from the point where you are drawing the symbol.
  • Tension and Pain Reduction: Similar to this breathing meditation, you could draw this symbol over a place of tension, intending it to release the pain. This makes an awesome substitute for the breathing meditation if you’re the type of person that finds it hard to focus on such a concentrated act. With this gentle swirl of the symbol over a painful part of your body, it’s easy to focus on and relax into the gesture. Light touches themselves are even known to release muscle tension and promote other healthy physical effects, so this exercise even has direct biological benefits! 
  • Chakra Healing: If you work with chakras and wish to cleanse them with the infinity symbol, you can! All you have to do is draw this symbol over each energy center, imagining it balancing and restoring the chakra as you repeat the symbol. Continue this over each chakra until you feel you have completed all you need. In addition to this simple practice, you can perhaps add a repeated an affirmation for each chakra while drawing the symbol, giving your intention an extra boost. Every time you draw the symbol, say the affirmation. 
  • Compassion Boost: Similar to the chakra healing exercise, this one concentrates on your heart center. It’s best used when you need to foster an increase in compassion, towards yourself or others. Just the act of consciously drawing the symbol will remind you to be your most compassionate self—at your core, you are a being consisting of pure love. 
  • Increase Meditation Focus: The third eye has symbolically been a center of focus in Hinduism and related meditative practices, so placing extra attention to this center may help you deepen your own meditations. Before meditating, draw a single infinity symbol between your eyebrows. Recount your infinite potential to be an aligned individual, then go into your meditation.
  • Deepen Your Listening Skills: If you draw this symbol over or near your ears, it might symbolically remind you to listen better and to authentically connect with other people. We often think about what we’re going to say next, rather than actually listening, so this specific use of the infinity symbol can bring extra attentiveness into our day.

There are definitely more ways to use this symbol than just this list, but I hope this blog has given you a starting point. Feel free to comment with your additional insights or share—I’m sure there are a lot of people who could make good use out of the practices in this blog.

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