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Monday Mindfulness: Purify Your Living Space


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Purify Your Living Space

Arien Smith

As a spiritual individual, it’s likely that you’re very sensitive to the energy around you. If you can remember a time where you walked into a room where an argument had just taken place and you can still feel the tension, or you feel drained every time you walk into a certain place that just has that specific “vibe,” you’re definitely aware of energy. This meditation is a like a free Feng Shui home makeover, manifested purely through intention and not costly rearrangement.

The more meditation and mindfulness work you do, the more likely it is that this sensitivity will increase. Over the five years of my own spiritual journey, I’ve recognized different energies between organic and non-organic foods, draining energy in my living environment if I don’t do this meditation once a month, and the different feelings people give off when I interact with them. For some people, this is intuition, with others it’s empathy, and sometimes it’s even just considered basic awareness of your surroundings. 

Regardless of how you sense energy around you, this meditation can help you create a healthy abode. This is also a powerful meditation to repeat if your living environment regularly produces toxicity, like due to a troubling partner, being cooped up at home with restrictive parents, or if your home was a location of past trauma. It will also protect your living environment against negativity that comes in, whether it is in the form of negative energy others bring in, or (if this is part of your belief)—malevolent spirits, curses, and anything else you perceive as negative.

Unlike some previous Monday Mindfulness blogs, this meditation doesn’t require a weekly commitment. All you need to do is read this blog and try it once to feel the full shift in your living environment. There are even some general “energetic upkeep” techniques at the end of this blog that take only a few seconds to enact and will help you maintain a pleasant living environment. 

Cleansing Meditation

  1. First, find a quiet space and time and become settled. For this meditation it’s best to be seated in the center of the room that you wish to cleanse. If you intend to do a whole home, sit either in the largest room or sit in a central location in your home. Some people also find that this meditation is effective while standing, but you’ll want to make sure you can manage that for 5-10 minutes if you try the practice in a standing position. Laying down is also possible, but sitting tends to be a bit easier to focus during this specific meditation.
  2. Close your eyes and practice some deep breathing in a way that best gets you ready to focus and enact an intention. At this point, you can also set your intention, perhaps saying an affirmation like “This meditation will cleanse, purify, and protect my living environment,” or “After this meditation, only energy and actions that are in my best and highest interest can exist in this space.” 
  3. Once you fully trust this intention and feel like you have reached a place of focus, you can begin the meditation. Even if your focus slips (as this is totally natural), just return back to where you left off in the meditation. It will work simply because you are acting on it, you don’t need to be a guru to have a significant effect on the energy of your environment. 
  4. Focus on the center of your abdomen, where your solar plexus chakra is. If you don’t regularly do chakra work, just focus on the strongest point in your abdomen, usually just beneath the ribs and above the belly-button. Here, imagine a bright golden, yellow, or white light forming. Feel like it is both loving and powerful, perhaps even fiery. 
  5. Ask the Universe, or your chosen Higher Power, to help fuel this energy and grow it. If neither works for you to imagine, trust completely in the infinite power of your individual self. With your eyes still closed, viewing through your mind’s eye, watch the sphere of light expand from this center. 
  6. Completely trust that the light will expand, no matter what you are feeling or thinking. It is an entity of its own, completely fueled by your intention to purify your space. As you watch, you know that this light will wholly cleanse and protect your space. It burns away all negativity and remains as a bright force to prevent anything negative from coming in. 
  7. As this light expands and begins to touch the walls of your room or home, imagine it sticking to the walls, melding to their shape and growing extremely bright. It’s almost like the light is becoming one with the walls, leaving all of the space in the center of the light (like where you are) pure and filled with positive energy. 
  8. When you visualize the light pressed against all the walls, floors, and ceilings, you can seal this light in place. During this, you can ask that this light remain here indefinitely, powered by the Universe itself, and that your final act is simply to consecrate this light into place. 
  9. To do this, visualize a bright line of light along the corners and connections between the planes of walls, ceilings and floors. For instance, picture the corner of your room, where two walls and the ceiling meet, and visually draw a line of light down from this ceiling and wall junction to the floor and wall junction, vertically below it. Then trace this light along where the floor and wall meet, and continue this throughout the space. 
  10. As this light is traced, trust that it binds the original golden or white light to the space you are in. Even if you lose focus or can’t fully picture the light around you, it still works because you set this intention for it to do so. 
  11. When you feel that you have sealed this into place entirely (even if you miss a spot, it won’t damage the meditation, the light can work autonomous of your intention), focus back on your own body. Picture yourself sitting in this space filled with warm light, bathing you in positivity. If you feel like it, stay with this part of the meditation as long as you like. It’s incredibly healing and rejuvenating. 
  12. When you finish the above step, focus on your body as you currently inhabit it, starting to return back to the conscious you have as you regularly go about your day. Perhaps wiggle your fingers and toes, roll your shoulders, and flutter your eyes gently open. 
  13. As with all visual meditation, take a second before jumping up from your seat. Stay with how you feel for a moment, then when you feel connected and grounded again, you can get up, knowing that your living environment is pure and safe! 

I’ve found that this meditation is the most effective when practiced monthly, while living in a generally positive and regular apartment. When living with others, specifically someone that brings in toxicity, it might serve you to do this more often. Also, when moving to a new location, this is best done on your first day there, to purify the energy of any previous owners and to energetically claim the space as your own safe abode. 

If you wish to cleanse your space, but struggle with visual meditations, or you want to extrapolate beyond just the above meditation, there is a lot of lore about how to cleanse and protect a living environment. I’ve listed a few here:

  • Burning sage
  • Aromatherapy (candles, incense, essential oils): each scent is used for a different purpose
  • Pyrite stones in the corners of your living space to keep the energy grounded
  • Onyx or tourmaline to absorb negative energy
  • Salt water sprayed on doors to purify and cleanse entry ways

If you give this meditation a try, or you have other cleansing techniques you’d like to share, I welcome comments and feedback. For previous Monday Mindfulness meditations and exercises, click here. Happy cleansing! 

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