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Monday Mindfulness: Send Loving Energy to Those Who Have Passed


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Send Loving Energy to Those Who Have Passed

Arien Smith

Grieving is an intensely painful process—when we lose someone, be that a loved one (even an animal), we are overcome with the realization that they will never have the same, or perhaps any, role in our lives anymore. We are also hit hard with our own morality, or the fragility of all relationships. Grief can arise when a loved one dies, but it can also come forth when a relationship ends—we grieve during break ups, at the end of friendships, and when someone in our life dies. 

This meditation is meant to help relieve both the pain of grief and the fear around your own sense of impending loss—be that of life or of the impermanence of relationships. When connecting with a loved one through meditation, it may stimulate a sense that there is more beyond here, or help you to recognize that they will always be alive in your heart and mind. If you believe that spirits travel beyond bodies and into an afterlife, this meditation may also allow you to directly connect with the person. In the case of a lost relationship, it will help you to witness the spirit of the person and feel your ability to connect with them through pure love, even if the connection is now absent. 

This is a compassion-based meditation, so it will be founded in love for yourself and for the other. If your relationship ended on poor terms and there is hurt or anger present, the meditation may be more difficult, but can also work as a great way to relieve these toxic or painful feelings. Simply trust in the power of your heart and the love of the Universe as a whole while practicing this. 

Meditation for Grief: 

  1. First begin with taking some deep breaths, closing your eyes, and making sure that you are in a place where you will not be disturbed. Grief itself is an emotional process, and tapping into these emotions with such a powerful loving experience may let loose a waterfall of tears. Feeling this is completely okay and is even healing, so make sure that you are in a location where you can safely and peacefully let yourself feel.
  2. Now place your hand over your heart, if this gesture is possible for you. If you need a modified version, simply take some time to imagine your heart center glowing. Both of these actions (or both combined) will help to affirm that this is a meditation of love and will be founded in this perspective. You can always, at any point in this meditation, return back to a centered place, here with your heart.
  3. Now begin to pictured your loved one in their most pure state…a radiant smile on their face, their eyes gazing or closed in a peaceful manner, and a glowing light around them, seeming to come from under their skin. You can directly feel their presence, their energy, perhaps even smelling something associated with them or feeling as though they are right here next to you. If emotion arises, you know that they will stay with you and allow it to flow, not disturbing any sort of healthy release. Remember, too, that your focus is on your heart—feel love arise with all difficult emotions. 
  4. You now see your loved one in a glowing energy field, perhaps a color that you associate with them, or perhaps just pure bright white or golden energy. They are floating, content and comforted in this light, and you are here in this field of energy with them.
  5. The light begins to swirl around them, coming from the love in your heart and the unconditional love of the Universe. You can feel it erasing any pain your loved one might have experienced, as it also moves through you to lift the sense of pain and loss around this relationship. You feel a sense that you are both rising, together, to a higher state. Even if you do not feel a deep connection with them, know that this meditation is filling both you and them with healing light to help relieve both your grief and aid them on their journey of passing over. 
  6. Take some time, at least 2-5 minutes to simply witness the light flowing around you and your loved one. You may choose to speak with them, or you may just wish to remain with their energy and the sense of love from the energy. You know that this light heals you both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, preparing you for whatever you must do to heal and bring peace into your relationship. 
  7. You may also choose to say a goodbye or ask for the Universe to provide a sense of closure here. If you wish to do so, you slowly see the light brighten and brighten, and the sense of love deepen. As the light’s intensity increases, you slowly see your loved one fading in it, held in the arms of the Universe and coated in loving energy. You know that you do not have to be in connection with them to feel the love here, and that they do not need to have a connection with you in order to experience joy as well. If you feel like saying an affirmation of closure, you can do so as well.
  8. Stay within this energy for as long as you need to or wish to, knowing that it is healing you both in whichever ways you need. When you are ready to leave the meditation, imagine the light carrying you down to the ground and placing your glowing spirit back in your body. You hear and sense the Universe affirm that you are both loved, safe, and comforted with this healing light, and that it will remain with both of you forever. 
  9. As you are placed back in your body, you may choose to take a deeper breath, wiggle your toes and fingers, or shrug your shoulders, then opening your eyes when you feel ready. Again, if you feel the need for an emotional release, simply let yourself be with your emotions and feel the grief. It will not harm you and it will be healing to feel it without fear of the emotion itself. Afterwards, make sure to treat yourself to some loving self-care.

Grieving, but unable to find relief through your own meditation and healing work? Perhaps it's best to simply be in a position of receiving loving energy directly from the Universe. Here's how you can access this.