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The Ripple Effect of Our Every Action


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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The Ripple Effect of Our Every Action

Arien Smith

When I have the time, I enjoy meditating directly with the Akashic Records. As I talk about here in this article, they are an energy that represents the Universe/Source as a whole. Because of this sacred energy they embody, I have based a lot of my personal work around the Records. 

Recently, when I meditated with the Akashic Records, there was a moment of silence and stillness in the practice before a clear image of a drop of water hitting a lake came into my mind. The sound of the droplet was crystal clear and it was obviously something that Records intended me to visualize.

My intention for this meditation was to gather the information the Records wanted me to, without any other agenda or question. So, when this image came, I asked the Records what it meant. The concept of a drop’s momentum rippling across the ocean came into my mind, specifically how this drop created an infinity of ripples around its center of impact. 

With this, there was significant stress on the exact impact every drop makes and how even the smallest drop acts to change the whole body of water. Even if it seems insignificant, the droplet alters the water in a way that is forever changed—the water will never be exactly as it was before the drop fell into it. I was intrigued as the information hidden within this picture lit up in my mind.

Enthused, I deepened my questions about this image. The Records shared the full symbolism of this visual. The drop mirrored the energy of our own actions, and the ripples were the potential impacts every action made. These actions included things as large as direct interactions with people in our days, to small things like the thoughts we harbor about ourselves. It was emphasized that even the smallest action can have great impact in the world, both the world around us and our own internal universe. 

With this, I began to fully comprehend the meaning of this meditation, I had a newfound understanding of how important my intention for every action is. It was such a significant realization that I knew it was something intended to be shared through this blog. 

No matter how small your action is, it can literally shift all things around you. One act of love can ripple out and eventually reach someone who’s entire life has been devoid of compassion. Likewise, an ill intended act can magnify toxicity if the negativity spreads from your central action. Each action is a drop of water, and each action creates infinite ripples.

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I became a little worried when I realized the part about negative actions. I’m not perfect, I don’t always think highly of myself, and I’m struggling with overcoming a lot in my personal recovery…have I damaged the world every time I’ve criticized myself? The Records squashed my anxiety about this, reminding me of the compassionate correcting power of the Source. As the ever-present body of pure love, the Source is consistently weaving love into all things around us and giving us the chance to turn towards this light at each moment. The Source sends multiple drops of compassion for our single drop of negativity.

When we commit an act of love, it works like a large raindrop, where an act of negativity is often like a small drop. Ultimately, it depends on the action itself and our intention behind it, as well as the situation the action occurs in to determine just how far these ripples spread in a noticeable way. This is something we all will figure out in time, with practice and guidance from the Source. 

This meditation was enlightening about the subtle impact all actions make. Even though our thoughts may harm no one, they shift our own energy for better or worse (or any part of the gradient in-between). Our energy creates a field around us and this subtly interacts with all things. We are constantly creating ripples in every moment of our existence.

Because of this, it is imperative that we strive to align ourselves most closely to love and the intentions of the Source. Of course, we aren’t perfect and the Source knows that. We make mistakes, we turn our back from love, we act self-destructive or hurt others with our actions from time to time. Our intention must be to work on changing this—this intention far overpowers the negative energy of past patterns. If we are working on healing and intend to grow, this will radiate brighter than the traces of our ego that are slowly disappearing. The drops of healing always can overcome the ripples of a mistake.

Not only did this meditation show how we are responsible for our actions, but it also illuminated the incredibly inspiring energy we create when we make a compassionate shift. One moment of love, towards ourself or someone close to us, can and will spread infinitely across the Universe with us as the source. This was one of the most uplifting things I realized—the power of our own love is as great as that directly from the Source/Universe. Imagine if we all poured drops of love into the ocean we know our world to be, and how beautiful the song of the rain would be as a result. 

There is an importance to infuse care into our every act. So many of us move blindly throughout the world, acting on autopilot. Our spiritual paths call us to do differently. By bringing conscious compassion into our lives we will help to inspire ourselves and all of the places affected by our ripples. As lights in this world, we all have the potential to illuminate the sparks in others as our love travels outwards infinite from us. Start to pay attention to the drops of water you are creating in this world—the impact of each one may spread far beyond what you can see.

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