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All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Coping with Intense Empathy

Arien Smith

This blog is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the tragedy at Pulse in Orlando this past week and speaking about how empathy can be a driving force for positive change, all while respecting our own emotional needs. Acts of violence take a toll on all of us as humans, whether we are in the LGBTQ+ community or not. The empathy we feel when hearing of such hardship can be intense and overwhelming--coping with it is not always easy, but it is possible. You can transform all pain into transcendent compassion. Love will make a true impact in the world.

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Monday Mindfulness: Walking in Another’s Shoes

Arien Smith

In a time of so much political turmoil and progressive thought, learning to empathize with people from all walks of life will be a skill that transcends just living a spiritual life. It’s essential that we practice this, so we can be respectful towards all fellow human beings. Through this journaling exercise, we can relate to those who’s opinions we struggle to agree with. There is nothing here that forces us to negate our own opinions—instead, this exercise allows us to honor the individual as a fellow sacred being, while likewise honoring our ability to think differently. This balance can be struck in a way that resonates with a holistic spiritual lifestyle. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Journal for Self-Love

Arien Smith

Too often, us spiritual people will neglect to thank ourselves for our hard work. We favor giving other people compassion before we give ourselves this sacred gift. This week’s Monday Mindfulness will teach us a quick and powerful way to share some of this gratitude with ourselves. Increasing self-love is fortunately one of the easiest modalities of mindfulness, brought into our lives in a variety of ways. Gratitude journaling is not only one of the most efficient modalities, but it is also one of the most powerful. Unlike in-depth meditations on visually imagining the light of love pumping through us, this journaling practice works in a subtle way—opening our hearts behind the scenes. 

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Why Do the Brightest People Face the Hardest Challenges?

Arien Smith

It always seems like people with the most to offer, people who share nothing but genuine love with the world, face the worst hardships. It seems to be incomprehensible why this happens, but there is a reason. These people are beings of love, so aligned with the Universe, that they are trusted to survive trial after trial that individual with selfish egos impose on them. The Universe believes in everyone who wants to solely share love.

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