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All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Healing That Can Happen When We Visit Our Childhood Home

Arien Smith

Visiting our childhood home is a unique experience for each of us, one often filled with a surprising amount of emotion. Even when surrounded by loving family, it can cause a lot of complicated feelings to travel to the places we lived as children. In this article, I talk about the energetic and psychological impact of these trips we take and just how we can transform any difficulty into powerful healing. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Bring Peace to Your Inner Child

Arien Smith

Inner child meditations are one of the most emotive practices, because they bring us into contact with the parts of us that hurt from our childhood. I’ve encountered about four different types of inner child meditations, some including Reiki, some guided meditations, and some automatic writing exercises. This blog combines what I found to be the most powerful parts of each practice into one streamlined article.

This meditation allows you to travel back and reaffirm your childhood emotions, acting as a guide and caregiver to your inner child. You will, essentially, parent your younger self in the ways your parents didn’t, or in the times you were in need of extra support as a child. We all carry toxic ancestral patterns with us, passed on from our parents, who had patterns imposed on them by their parents. The root of mindfulness is releasing these patterns and spiritually working through the painful cracks in our childhood is a potent way of doing this. 

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Monday Mindfulness: Healing with the Akashic Records

Arien Smith

The Akashic Records are pure Source; they can be an incredible energy field to access when you have any positive intent. Because they are composed of pure loving energy, the Akashic Records can also be used for energy healing. I discovered this when I was practicing Reiki and recognized that the Reiki energy (“Universal life force”) felt synonymous with Akashic energy. Reiki is meant to stay pure and with an unaltered sacred practice, but working with the Records allows more fluidity in energy work—there is room for the imposition of intention.

This article is a guided meditation about healing your past selves, your current self and energy, and setting positive intention and alignment for your future through an Akashic Record healing. This healing can be applied to any and all aspects of your existence, since the Akashic Records are all-encompassing.

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