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The Five Centers of Intelligence


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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The Five Centers of Intelligence

Arien Smith

Our intelligence expands far beyond our ability to ace tests, master a skill, or solve puzzles with our minds. We are complex beings and our capacity to be “smart” is not limited by our mental abilities. So often, we associate intelligence to our brains, but this is only a small part of the whole picture. There are five central aspects of our being and each of these have their own intelligence.

Since we all have differing capacities in each of these centers, the imposition that our minds govern how smart we are perceived as being is a damaging idea. It devalues the strength of our bodies, intuition, and completely erases spiritual intelligence. Learning about and owning all five centers of our intelligence will help us to better value the complexity of our beings and succeed in the natural ways we are meant to in this world. 

The Body:

Unless we’re a doctor or have a deep love for body-based science, we probably overlook how smart our bodies are. Composed of trillions of cells, multiple organ systems, and complex immune defenses, our bodies are nothing less than amazing. Take a second and observe your body, right here in this moment, and think about how many different processes are occurring right this second: blood is fueling every cell, your lungs are bringing oxygen into that blood, hormones are aiding you in growth and natural cycles, your digestive tract is working in some way, your nervous system is sensing tension and other sensations, the muscles of your eyes are moving while scanning this, and your brain is translating what you see or hear in this blog. This feat, all in one second, is nothing short of phenomenal

Yet, despite all of this, we often overlook how intelligent our bodies are. We don’t have to think about destroying invading cells when we become sick, we don’t have to consider every muscle to move our limbs, and we never need to control our hearts—the center of our very body. Our bodies also have a unique form of intuition. Think of a time where your body told you something that it needed, something more than just hunger or a need to use the bathroom. Perhaps this was a sense that you needed to eat more of a certain food: your body had an intelligent craving. If it was an unhealthy food, it may have stemmed from a deep biological intelligence warning you of an impending fast. If it was something healthy, your body knew what nutrients were in that food and were telling you to get more. This is so complex and so smart. 

(If you struggle to accept your body, this practice here might help!)

The Mind:

Our minds are the easiest to associate intelligence with, because this is the type of intelligence our world focuses on. When we think, a million synapses fire in our brains to create a thought—this intangible but ever so powerful idea. Thoughts are very valued, and our ability to process them is considered a measure of our intelligence. Although there is some merit to evaluating our intelligence here, so we know how to best use it or supplement it with our other forms of intelligence, this cannot be seen as the sole center for how smart of beings we are. 

The failure of society here is that the mind is considered defective if mental illness is in place. As someone with PTSD, I know that my mind sometimes produces unwanted stimuli and intrusive thoughts. There are so many mental “illnesses” and learning disabilities, which are used to sometimes devalue the mental intelligence of the individuals suffering from them. At the same time, recognizing that your mind is innately a certain way and owning it’s unique intelligence, regardless of perceived ability, is a huge stand being taken in today’s world. We are all able-minded, even if we can’t take tests, communicate easily through words, or translate sensory stimuli the same way as another. Our minds are intelligent in complex ways, in and of themselves. 

The Emotional Self:

“Emotional intelligence” is a catch word spreading through business owners, companies, and fields of psychology. Finally, our emotions are being valued as valid and real—emotions are not something made up or a product of an unstable mind. Instead, they are a complex field of intelligence perceptions all by themselves. How we feel about a situation will be entirely individual from another person. 

When we feel, we experience something that creates our own very unique reality. Emotions can teach us a lot about the other parts of our being, like our mental intelligence and what thoughts serve us and which don’t. Our emotions can also be an extremely complete source of knowledge. When we emotionally react to something, it creates a complex understanding of the situation we are in, often directly affecting our other types of intelligence. The body and emotions work symbiotically and can be used to teach ourselves much about each other. Listening to your body can build more emotional intelligence and listening to our emotions can help us better acquaint ourselves with our body. 

Emotions also allow us to empathize with others. We are all capable of feeling the same things—pain, love, grief, anger, etc—and through this we can deeply connect with all others. Emotions themselves are transcendent fields of consciousness, as soon as we begin to pay attention to them and value them.

The Energetic Self:

For those of us that work with our energy, like through Reiki, intuitive healing, or chakra work, we know that our energy bodies are extremely intelligent. The life force which flows through us knows exactly where to go once we surrender ourselves to the knowledge our energetic self has. We don’t need to think and directly energy for it to be effective in healing us or going where it is needed. We may want to direct this energy, to clear a block or focus on a certain part of our being, but we don’t need to. Our energy bodies are self-correcting, much like our physical bodies. When something falls out of balance, the energy will flow to that area and work to correct it, presuming we aren’t directly blocking it by holding on to our egos or perpetuating a toxic action that led to the imbalance in the first place. 

Focusing on your energy is something that easily comes after the three above forms of intelligence are witnessed, especially when emotions and the body are understood. Then, we can step aside and trust that our energy will fix itself and travel where it is needed to sustain all the other aspects of our being. Much like emotional intelligence, this type of intelligence is often overlooked or misunderstood. Sometimes it is even considered “woo-woo,” despite being founded in almost every major religion and life path. Want to start learning more about your energy system, so you can better value it’s intelligence? Here’s a blog on the chakras and here is one on the life force energy this part of our beings thrives on. Our energetic self is what sustains all the other parts of our intelligence, giving us the energy and drive to focus on them and the sustenance to perceive them.

The Spirit/Higher Consciousness:

Our spiritual consciousnesses are labeled many things, but most often is referred to as our “Higher Self,” “The Universe Within,” or simply our intuition. This is the sort of intelligence that I tap into for Akashic Record readings and intuitive healing! It governs all other forms of awareness and intelligence, since it is comprehensively watching over all the other parts of our being. When we tap into this, we naturally awaken the ability to listen to all other centers of intelligence. Likewise, when we work on the four other aspects of our being, we will build our intuition without even being aware of it. 

Intuition is something felt beyond thought, just a sense of deep trust and awareness. At first, it’s a quiet voice, but it will build overtime (this article here talks all about developing intuition). The best way of developing this intelligence is to remain in the present moment and listen to that gut sense, without trying to rationalize it with thought or emotion. It is a unique intelligence beyond these two types, and these two can only supplement, but not understand, this higher intelligence. 


All types of intelligence work to create the whole beings that we are. Each of us will have different types of intelligence that we can best tap into and, when we work on expanding and trusting what we are innately endowed with, the other forms of our intelligence will flourish as they are meant to. Each type will supplement the others, and the strongest centers of intelligence can teach us about how to use all the other centers of our intelligence. Intuitive intelligence may show us where to focus mentally stimulating ideas or how to best begin to listen to our bodies. 

When understanding all of these types of intelligence, we open a door towards valuing ourselves as whole beings, beyond what our “mental intelligence” is labeled as. We are extremely smart beings and this extends far beyond our minds—we are able to sense, to think, to feel, to sustain, and to intuit. 

Interested in breaking through the blocks which are holding you back from awakening all five forms of intelligence? Akashic Record distance healing is accessible and affordable, and will deeply cleanse and renew all aspects of your being. With this sort of energy healing, these centers of intelligence will all naturally strengthen and awaken. Curious? There’s more info here on how to book a session.