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Why You Should Take that Risk


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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Why You Should Take that Risk

Arien Smith

Almost everything we dream of and almost everything that is in our best interest will feel like a risk. Since January, I’ve realized this more and more…with my business, my relationships, and my emotional healing. This past week, I had an incredible encounter with a new friend that really proved to me that taking a leap of faith pays off. I took the risk of opening up about some really personal things, and we launched into such a deep and emotionally intimate conversation. It was mutual, rewarding, and I’ve felt like I’m on a much needed mental detox since the talk. 

In these past days, I’ve reflected a lot on this conversation, since I could feel that it was significant and filled with potentially important moments of growth. In this process of reflection, several times it came up that the reason I ended up having such a rewarding conversation was because I took that risk of opening up in the first place. As a result, I realized is how beneficial it is to take those risks that your intuition pushes you towards, even if your mind is afraid or unsure about the outcome. Our lives will never be predictable, surprises and changes can happen at each impending moment. It’s our intuition, however illogical it may appear in our very pseudo-structured world, that is our best guide. Trusting this and throwing yourself off steady ground into potential rewards is often worth every potential loss. 

It’s important to examine the risk and see where it’s coming from: is it from a place just wanting adventure and excitement? Have you considered the consequences? How bad will the negative consequences be if they become a reality? These questions are valid, even when it comes to our intuition, but if there is that really strong sense of dreams coming true if you open up to the option, I’ve found that it has great benefits to follow it. In my experience, the risks I’ve feared the most and yet trusted anyways have brought me the greatest fulfillment and changes. This past week, I knew I could get too personal too fast with this friend, but fortunately my intuition hadn’t steered me wrong when suggesting that I bring up this personal topic the two of us connected on.

Your intuition isn’t an excuse for recklessness, though. Even intuitive guidance takes planning and consideration. Discover where the intuition came from and come to really understand it. Intuition is like an arrow, pointing you in the direction of where you need to look deeper. Then you need to mix intuition and logic to create the most ample and achievable path you can follow. You also need to know why you want to take the risk: even a small risk has a reason behind it. Once you understand why, you’ll probably realize that the fear of taking the risk is much smaller than the potential rewards. And you’ll learn something about yourself in this process of examination: what are you seeking to find or create that this risk is pushing you towards? Even if you don’t go through with the risk, you will have a new goal to reach towards. 

We ultimately make the purpose of our lives, and to do so we often must chase our dreams—no matter how out of reach they may seem, running towards them and hurdling obstacles is how we get to where we want to be. It takes work, like takes overcoming our anxieties about change, personal opposition, societal pressures, and much more. Your mental goals may not be your greatest dreams and sometimes it’s hard to let go of our mind’s wants to find what our heart is really steering us towards. Despite even the greatest opposition, the heart and your intuition will never push you towards something impossible for you to achieve.

Ask for the guidance you need, either from people who will be able to empathize with your heart and help you expose the path it’s leading you towards, or from the Universe itself. Asking for signs and opportunities in the direction you know your heart wants to travel in is something that will always be beneficial. When it comes to asking the Universe for guidance, the benevolent consciousness will always provide. “Ask and you shall receive” is a valid proverb for anyone requesting higher assistance. No matter your belief, asking will never harm you.

Most importantly, you have to recognize that your greatest journey will not be something where you stay in your comfort zone. It will feel overwhelming at times. When I’ve thought about what I wanted and how I knew I could get there, I knew it was then entirely in my hands to make that change if I really did want it. But I was overcome with doubts, fears, and challenges at times. Sometimes I still am. With the conversation that sparked this entire blog, I knew I had the opportunity to open up and could possibly deepen a meaningful relationship and find personal healing. Yet, even with these potential rewards, I paused because I was afraid of what that would mean. I was afraid to talk about such an intimate topic and face my own emotions, as well as the real potential consequence of pushing a new friend away. 

But I trusted my gut and I spoke up. It was worth more than I can even express. The same has happened with the risks of my business, my health, and my recovery from trauma. Each time I’ve taken that leap of faith into a place of discomfort, I was greeted with more acceptance and healing than I expected. Sometimes that leap was internal, facing a past demon, and sometimes it was a physical happening. There’s one consistent thing I realized along this process that has stood out. It was only before I took the risk that it was uncomfortable: once actually taking the risk, the discomfort disappeared. 

Discomfort is an illusion: a manifestation of our ego’s fear when it tries to keep us from healing. Our ego tells us to fear the unknown outcome, using that as its excuse to keep us from healing and trusting our truly guiding intuition. Being aware of consequences is healthy and is a great tool, even in spiritual growth, yet it’s unfair to ourselves to let these moments of discomfort hold us back from trying to grow. We need to open up our hearts more and let people see the vulnerability inside. This is where healing can enter and this is where the Universe wants us to go. 

So take that risk. Give yourself a chance to open up like you’ve been guided towards for a while. Trust that deep intuitive feeling and don’t let the fear stop you for a moment. You’ll learn that trusting yourself and the accepting the chances you take will pay off. If you take those risks, you will get to the places you dream of. 

Feeling ready to take a mindful risk and hoping it will work out? Sometimes what you need is a mindful partner to help you really manifest your ideas and dreams too. 

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