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You Can Easily Achieve Abundance


All of the blog posts are written by Arien Smith with the intention to heal, inform, and expand every reader. Three posts a week: Monday Mindfulness, Wednesday Yoga, Saturday Reflections. 

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You Can Easily Achieve Abundance

Arien Smith

Being abundant—it sounds like the dream, right? Having infinite love, within yourself and from others, no financial worries, all the space you need to exist just as you are. I know this is my dream, to have such freedom because of the provisions the Universe would dote upon me in such a state. Abundance isn’t always as just wanting it, of course, but overtime I’ve learned how to manifest more and more of it in my life. This past weekend, I began to understand the single and simple answer to achieving such fortune. 

To create abundance, you have to act abundantly. These acts can be giving towards yourself, like with self-care or treating yourself to things, or it can be giving to others (but only when it really comes from the heart and feels abundant, not in a way that drains and fatigues you). It can be a mix of these, too. 

Let me explain how I realized this. This past weekend, I had a couple nice financial treats—a decent business income combined with student loans remaining in their grace period an extra month. This was all a product of my recent work of asking for abundance and financial security, as well as doing the personal work to make room for it to exist (everything from marketing strategies to fostering joy in the present moment, no matter what I had or didn’t have). All the while, I had been praying to the Universe for the chance to afford plane tickets to see my long-distance partner, who lives across the country from me. 

Out of curiosity, since I wanted to make these travel plans feel real, even if my budget was still too tight to actually purchase tickets, I started to look up the prices of flights a couple months in the future. Realizing that they were around $100-150 less than I had expected, I checked my bank accounts again and thought “wow, this is actually something I could do.” As with any large purchase, I was nervous, especially since it was right on the edge of what I could afford. And, with life, you never know if a financial emergency will happen at any point! 

I had a good feeling and trusted my gut, working with my partner to select affordable and well-timed tickets. In just a couple days, I launched myself into this decision, taking a total leap of faith. And it completely worked. The abundance I had created for myself was mirrored and supported by the Universe in ways I didn’t even expect. Not only did it end up being one of my most successful business weeks, but the internal abundance of joy, love, and excitement was worth much more than the hundreds of dollars the plane tickets cost. This gift of giving to myself was enough to make room for the Universe to give me more. This isn't the only moment when I've experienced this "divine reciprocation."

“Give and you shall receive” is a well-known Biblical proverb and one that really rings true in situations of abundance. Often, this phrase is interpreted as meaning that you must give to others in order to receive, but this isn’t always the case. It doesn’t say “give to others and you shall receive,” after all. Giving is a broad definition and one worth expanding in your own life. We all know the benefits of treating ourselves to nice days out, massages, or just a cup of coffee and how vital this is for our well-being. This is giving: making a conscious choice to deliver a gift to ourselves. This, just like giving with pure love to others, creates the joy that attracts more joy. With this comes all we need to continue this cycle of happiness. Abundance creates abundance. 

Abundance isn’t hard to achieve, it’s just scary at first. I remember thinking, with any treat—large or small—“what if something happens? What if I don’t make much money this week?” Consideration and planning is important, of course, but most often we can afford small treats of some sort. This might not always mean we can make large purchases; it might instead mean we can take an hour off of work and go for a nice walk. 

Privilege and lots of other factors influences the extent of our current abundance, but the Universe wants every individual to live with joy and will always give you, no matter your situation, a way to get there. Sometimes, it’s an internal and personal state for a while, but eventually opportunities will arise and situations will happen because the Universe has your back. Yet, to create abundance, you don’t need tangible abundance to begin with—your life situation isn’t where this abundance comes from. It all starts from within. The desire for abundance opens your eyes to keenly examining all opportunities for the things you dream and, with these open eyes, you have a better chance to actually reach these dreams. In it’s most basic essence, this is how internal abundance creates more abundance, both within and outside of yourself. 

Acting with abundance, of course, does not mean splurging at every whim. It is, instead, acting with the direct desire to create sustainable joy. Splurging without purpose leads to loss, an overabundance of materialism, and simply the formation of habitual and meaningless shopping. Truly abundance actions are very conscious decisions where we really listen to our intuitions and discern what will really make us joyous. This might mean traveling somewhere new versus buying a larger TV—each individual will have their own answers for joy. Usually, experiences that promote happiness and engagement with the present moment tend to be the most joy-oriented and lead to the most abundant lives. In the case of my plane ticket purchase, I know the experience of love, connection, and living in the present moment I will share for a week with my partner (plus the break from working!) is exactly the joy I needed to bring into my life. 

It’s the fear that most often holds us back. We don’t want to take even the slightest risk, especially in such a money-focused society. We also don’t tend to value our joy above everything (we should, though!). But, often, a couple dollars (or sometimes even larger purchases) are worth more than the money itself. The lesson we all need to learn to live abundantly is to recognize that we deserve abundance. When we believe we deserve it, we act like we are abundant and we are a little more liberal with our actions—focusing all our time on true joy. This joy ripples outwards and creates more abundance, whether in feeling or in financial gain. 

Try it this week. Give yourself a chance to take a small risk for something you know will make you happy, even if just for a moment. This happiness is worth more than every dollar. Be logical about what you need, since this foundation is vital for joy too, but then treat yourself. A lot. 

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