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The important legalities for us providing healing services. 


Arien Smith the owner of We Are All Sacred Beings, is not a trained professional in mental health or physical health. He provides suggestions and intended uses by only the merit of his intuition, personal study, and life coaching practice. His word is not to be taken as a diagnosis. Although he provides advice, he asks that you consult your primary care doctor or mental health professional before starting any regiment of alternative medicinal healing. You are in control of how the intuitive readings are perceived and the life coaching applied, and Arien Smith is not responsible for any damages to yourself, others, or your surroundings, even when following the intended use. Everything, including methods of use, should be discussed with a qualified professional. Arien Smith cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind, with or without a discussion with a qualified professional on the behalf of the client or customer. Discussion with a professional also negates any accountability of Arien Smith, since the professional is the prescriber and Arien Smith was not involved in any administration of the product. Arien Smith is solely responsible for providing the product or service advertised.

Cures or treatment that you interpret from the use of We Are All Sacred Beings' products are solely your own interpretation of effects, none of the products or services have been proven to cure, treat, or be effective for their intended purpose. Any statements perceived as meaning a product can cure or treat only speaks about "curing" or "treating" the subtle energy body effects of such perceived illness, emotional state, or physical ailment. We do not claim to cure or treat anything physical, mental, or emotional. No medical claims are made on this website about the products or services. 

Additionally, any mental health suggestions given through the blog are only general suggestions and not intended to be taken as medical or mental health advice. As stated earlier, any suggestions or ideas about a new healing regiment should be discussed with a certified professional in the modality of healing planning to be used. Arien Smith's blog, in affiliation with We Are All Sacred Beings, in not a diagnostic tool and it is your discretion to listen and interpret as you will. Arien Smith is not held responsible for any actions taken from the words of his blog, nor is he responsible for any interpretations of the words and their consequences. 

Arien Smith is a certified Reiki practitioner, so he takes responsibility for in-person Reiki healing sessions. He wishes to assure you that he is personally honest about our intentions, products, and mission. 

As always, any question, inquires, or concerns can be emailed to