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Mindfulness Coaching


Just imagine being able to wake up each morning with bright eyes, ready to reach your dreams. Envision communicating to your loved ones with an empathy and compassion deeply shared between you. Picture yourself healed, radiant, and energetic.

It’s possible for you to find the peace, joy, and love you’ve always sought in your life.

When I was in a long term abusive relationship, I thought I could never find joy. Things were too painful at the time and I couldn’t see forwards. Yet, less than a year later I was living blissfully. I’m now in a deeply committed relationship, pursuing my chosen career path, and I experience deep self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. And I want you to know you can have all of these too, no matter what you’ve gone through.

I believe experience is the best teacher, and through my own life I’ve come to learn how to find joy even in painful times, and how to use joy to FREE yourself from that pain.

Through my mindfulness life coaching, I use tried and trusted coaching techniques so you can achieve the goals you desire, while intertwining mindfulness into your journey so you feel present and centered along the way. This coaching employs all of the principles that helped me find my joy and keep it, even in every trial life has tossed me along the way.

This coaching is sustainable, transformative, and healing. It doesn’t just set one goal, get you there, and leave you clueless after. Instead, it empowers you to form new dreams, love your journey, and follow your heart both during our coaching relationship and forever afterwards.

In each coaching session we’ll uncover into your deepest desires, overcome major obstacles, and set your sights on a clear path towards your ideal life. You’ll leave feeling positive and inspired. All in one hour of speaking through Skype or over the phone.

So far, each client of mine has consistently experienced: 
-Over 10 healing breakthroughs and epiphanies per session
-A recognition that they are completely free to decide their path forwards, and an understanding of how to use this freedom to live their dream
-Worksheets and tools to overcome any obstacle they face
-Thought provoking questions that inspire a deep self-reflection, one that opens the doors for positive change
-An understanding of a few simple actions needed to consistently transform their life

And right now, I'm offering a FREE coaching call! 

Investing in yourself is the best act of self-love there is. You deserve peace, joy, and compassion to be at the center of your life. So, in this free It's Your Time to Thrive call, you will: 

  1. Form a crystal clear picture of your ideal life and what joy means to you
  2. Uncover hidden challenges holding you back from living your dreams and figure out how to solve them
  3. Leave our 30 minutes together feeling inspired, renewed, and ready to achieve your dreams

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