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The Mission

The mission and story behind We Are All Sacred Beings.


We Are All Sacred Beings honors the beauty inside all living being, recognizing that we are all bright spirits living a human experience. With this belief, it has saddened the founder to see the Western dependence on medication as the only treatment for chronic physical illness and mental illness, high levels of anxiety and depression, and the general disconnect from recognizing each moment of our lives as a spiritual experience. Here, the aim is to empower individuals to take control of their own health by a means of suggested alternative healing modalities and mindfulness practices. With a blog, there is a twice weekly flow of free information, and with Reiki and affordable intuitive readings and healing modalities, We Are All Sacred Beings intends to support marginalized and lower income communities. In person Reiki is currently offered in partnership with GLCCB in Baltimore City.

As the Founder of We Are All Sacred Beings, Arien strives to provide caring and generous services to all those who purchase products and read the blog. We Are All Sacred Beings is accepting and supportive of any gender, race, sexuality, gender identity, disability, religion, beliefs, spiritual practice, class, family, appearance, personality, or any other "difference." Respect towards all living beings is something integral towards We Are All Sacred Being's compassionate mission and we appreciate any concerns brought to us if we have offended you or been inaccurate in any way. 

How we came to be

Arien Smith is an entrepreneur who founded We Are All Sacred Beings in 2015. Having relied intensely on alternative medicine, spirituality, self-care, and mindfulness to get through struggles in his own life, he wanted to share this healing with others. At the age of 10, he first started a "small business"  focused on non-profit gifts to children with extended stays in hospitals, entrepreneurship with the intention of healing others was a clear path for Arien. 

Arien has been a Reiki practitioner for 2 years and has done intuitive healing and spiritual work for just over 4 years. His passions lay in personal guidance and consultation, Reiki, aromatherapy, writing about mindfulness, intuitive work and spiritual-based art. With a formal educational background in Illustration from Maryland Institute College of Art, Arien seeks to express his creative drive through We Are All Sacred Beings and other mindfulness based projects. While in school, Arien worked as a Residential Advisor, becoming increasingly inspired in the role of helping diverse groups of individuals, undergoing major changes and recovery in their lives.

The mission of inclusion that We Are All Sacred Beings comes from Arien's work as an activist. As a survivor of sexual abuse, he is passionate about the dissolution of rape culture, and other important issues like racism, cultural appropriation, classism, ableism, sexuality and gender identity acceptance. Arien identifies as a gender-nonconforming/non-binary individual (a subset of transgender identities).

Through recovery from his own trauma, Arien learned to always maintain a desire to love the world, others, and himself. He hopes to further this healing and love he has found in the Universe with others, through means of blogging, mindfulness coaching, Reiki, intuitive and guiding readings, and inspirational artwork. Arien also believes that all pain and illness manifests first in the subtle energy body, and by healing this, we can heal our physical bodies as well. Although he fully supports many Western medicinal techniques and urges everyone to get such help when needed, he hopes to inspire people to mindfully take care of themselves in a way that alternative medicine can provide. Arien believes that synthesizing mindfulness, medicinal, and healing practices from around the world and finding your own mix of individualized help is the most adequate form of care. We Are All Sacred Beings was formed with the intention of showing how many healing modalities are available and to educate others on the many ways one can heal, and individually working with people to create a sustainable and personal holistic life view.