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For information about receiving a Reiki treatment, please scroll down to the bottom of the page! 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique, founded from a method of cross-cultural healing used for around 2000 years. With influences from both Jesus's healing abilities, Tibetan, Indian, and Japanese roots, Reiki is powerfully connected internationally to modalities of energy healing. In the 1800s, Dr. Usui embarked on a personal journey to discover just how Jesus was able to heal with his hands and, on this mission, he discovered Reiki, transforming it into the powerful healing art we all know today. 

Reiki is so effective because it is a channeling of Universal Life Force energy through a trained practitioner directly into the person receiving the healing by means of a gentle touch. Unless the practitioner is certified in distance healing, the practice always includes direct touch. Of course, some alterations can be made, due to individual sensitivity, but the hands will be incredibly close to the individual in all Reiki treatments. 

When you receive Reiki, the energy replenishes your internal life force and expands the internal healer within you. Your spirit takes control of the healing, intelligently directing the energy exactly where it needs to go, without you having to control of think anything. Reiki is all about surrender and trust: believing in the power of your inner healing and opening up to the changes, emotions, and effects Reiki energy inspires is all that is required of you to have an effective treatment. Even if you struggle with full surrender, Reiki will provide you with a safe and relaxing experience. 

The energy will never harm or overwhelm you, since all the healing is manifested through the guidance of your own spirit; the practitioner is only a channel for the energy, but it is truly the Universe and yourself working together in harmony to heal you. If you'd like to read my blog on what makes Reiki so unique from other forms of energy healing, here's the link.

What can Reiki be used for?

Composed of pure universal energy, Reiki can theoretically heal any ailment: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It's all up to what your own internal healer guides the energy towards. Yet, beyond this, Reiki is known specifically for certain things:

  • Cancer recovery: to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and, sometimes, to treat the cancer itself.
  • Pre and post-op: Hospitals frequently employ Reiki practitioners in regards to this, as it is known to decrease surgery related complications.
  • Mental illness: Individuals suffering from a variety of mental illnesses can use Reiki to complement their personal efforts and therapy, to create a holistic healing plan. 
  • Trauma recovery: This is something I've used self-treatments of Reiki for. The energy can provide the sustenance and comfort to overcome the pain of traumatic event. If physical touch is triggering, the treatment can be altered to accommodate to your needs.
  • Addiction recovery: Because of the potent, healing, nature of the energy, Reiki is known for its ability to strongly cut through addictive patterns and unearth the underlying causes of addiction.
  • Chronic illness: Chronic illness often manifests in our energy and spirits first, before appearing as bodily illness. Because Reiki treats your whole system (mind, body, and spirit), it has the potential to heal any manifestation of the chronic illness in you.
  • Stress Relief: Reiki is incredibly relaxing and soothing to experience. The healing will often feel warm and leave you calm and refreshed after a treatment.

Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical treatment, and it's always worth speaking with your primary care physician before trying any alternative medicine technique. Reiki is employed in many well known hospitals, so most doctors do have an inkling of what it is! Reiki doesn't interfere with current regimes of medication or other forms of treatment in a negative way, or cause adverse side effects. 

What is distance healing?

Distance healing is to Reiki like prayer work is to a specific religion. When an individual prays for another, it is similar to a practitioner sending distance Reiki. Reiki is non-denominational, though, so this healing energy can work on anyone. Because of the trusted ritual-like practice of distance healing, this form of Reiki is incredibly powerful. Just five minutes of a distance Reiki healing is the equivalent of a Reiki session. 

Because distance healing is like prayer work in other faiths, a traditional practitioner will never charge for distance healing directly. Often, distance healing is sent on occasion to aid individuals going through a difficult time, or the healing is used to send to cities in turmoil, the environment, or people the practitioner wishes they could reach in person but are unable to. Distance healing can also transcend this world and heal those who have passed on. For Reiki healing to really take effect, in person treatments are vital for a sustained healing current. 

How can I learn to heal with Reiki energy?

In order to practice Reiki, it requires more than just reading about it. Even the most educated of books can't attune you to the healing art. You'll need to find a practitioner who can attune you to Reiki. Although I am not a Reiki master, I've learned a lot about what differentiates someone who is deeply in tune with the art from someone just seeking a profit. You'll want to watch out for red flags in other's practices like charging for distance Reiki healing, offering online attunements/Reiki lessons, sharing images of sacred symbols publicly, or teaching multiple levels of Reiki less than a month apart. Being attuned to Reiki is powerful and can be overwhelming or ineffective if the lessons are taught through multiple levels in a weekend or via distance, respectively.

Do you offer Reiki healing?

Yes, I do! I currently offer in person Reiki sessions at 1000 Cathedral Street, Baltimore MD (The Waxter Center, Third Floor). More information about receiving a Reiki treatment is below. If you'd like to read more about me, check out my About Arien page here.

With in-person treatments, I offer lower-cost treatments for marginalized communities (specifically individuals with disabilities, racial and LGBTQ+ communities). For all my Reiki sessions, I aim to provide a safe space for identities of all sorts, including gender non-conforming, non-traditional, and disabled body types. 

Distance healing is also something that I offer as well, but on a case by case basis. I do have a limited amount of time and energy, so may not be able to answer all requests, but please consider emailing me if you or someone you love is really needing healing. I also have an option for complementary Reiki healing with my Akashic Record readings (no additional charge on top of the reading cost). 

I'd like to make a Reiki appointment (Pricing, Scheduling, Contact info):

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  • Address: The Waxter Center, 3rd Floor (in partnership with GLCCB)
    1000 Cathedral St.
    Baltimore, MD 21201
  • Availability: By appointment only
    Tuesdays: 10am-7pm
    Fridays: 10am-6pm
    Saturdays: 3:30pm-7:30pm
    Sundays: 10am-5pm

To Schedule: 


Because of the intention of offering affordable options to marginalized communities, Reiki is offered on a cost scale, proportionate to what income bracket you feel you are in.

  • If you feel you have a low income or identify as poor, the treatment cost is $45 (for 1-1.5 hours). College students, marginalized communities, and the like are typical examples of individuals who can accept this offer!
  • If you do not identify as being in poverty of having a low income, the cost per session is $70. To support the lower income options, I ask that you accept this higher price. It's all by personal discretion and a trust system!
  • All payment is with cash at the beginning of the appointment
  • 15% of all proceeds go directly to GLCCB




I've scheduled an appointment, now what?

How to Prepare:

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing. As someone who does provide a safe space for gender non-conforming and trans* individuals, you can feel safe not wearing your binder to the session or removing it in the bathroom right before your treatment. Wearing a binder while laying down isn't traditionally a healthy practice, but if extreme dysphoria occurs without your binder, we can accommodate to this need. For any questions or concerns, please email or call. Reiki is performed while you are clothed, unlike massage.
  • Remove metal jewelry and crystals. Ideally, removing metal and stones helps the energy flow in an unadulterated way. If you are not comfortable removing a particular piece of jewelry, the effect it has it minor and you can certainly continue to wear it throughout your session. 
  • Refrain from wearing scented products, including perfume, essential oils, strong deodorants, and clothes washed in fabric softener. Reiki practitioners tend to develop a strong sense of smell, amplified by the energy, so the less unnatural scent, the better! If you can't avoid smells (i.e. you only have strong detergents), do your best to lessen it the day of treatment.
  • Be hydrated and far from hungry! Avoid eating a heavy meal right before, but you want to make sure hunger doesn't distract you during the treatment. 
  • If possible, refrain from or lower your caffeine consumption the day of your treatment. If this would cause you to go into caffeine withdrawal, it isn't necessary, this is just an ideal and will help to increase the healing impact of the treatment. If you can't have no caffeine, try to get your dose the day or from black or green tea, or healthy dark chocolate. Drinking naturally caffeinated tea the day of a treatment is not detrimental to the practice.
  • With non-prescription drugs, please refrain for at least 48 hours before your treatment. Again, if withdrawal is be an issue or if you are currently facing an addiction, we can work through this regardless of the complication. Don't force a withdrawal without medical aid.
  • With alcohol, please refrain from drinks the day of your treatment. Once again, considering the dangers of withdrawal if you are an alcoholic. Both drugs and alcohol should be avoided 24-48 hours after your treatment as well. 
  • Take some time to reflect before your session. Is there anything you want to set an intention for during this healing? Are there things you wish to bring up with me before? Are there specific areas of your body with tension, illness, or pain that you'd like me to focus on?

What to Expect During Your Treatment:

  • Relaxation! Reiki feels wonderful and definitely works as a powerful de-stressing tool. Sometimes, individuals will fall into a light "Reiki sleep" during a treatment. If you feel yourself getting tired and dozing off, I urge you let yourself slip into a light slumber. Resting during Reiki means the energy is really flowing into you, and the treatment can have some powerful effects. 
  • Emotions might arise. Since Reiki heals all parts of your being, the energy might illuminate some past issues that have some emotions tied into it. Crying is a natural way of releasing these emotions, so if you feel the need to, your Reiki session is a safe space to let this emotion out. We can together take as much time as you need to decompress after the session and talk about your experience. 
  • Warmth with the energy: Reiki is known for a deep sense of warmth. Sometimes this is also accompanied by a feeling of light vibration or resonation, comfortable pressure, or a sudden release in areas of tension. Everyone's experience is slightly different, so whatever you feel is healthy and what you are meant to feel! Some people even describe feeling as if there are many people treating them at once.
  • Spiritual experiences: This often differs widely from person to person, since we all have different belief systems. Some people have described hearing soothing words, receiving images from past lives, being enlightened with inspiring ideas and solutions, or witnessing spirit guides. Trust any experiences you have as significant and meaningful; you are also free, but not required, to share them during your session with me.
  • If you become uncomfortable, too cold, too warm, or are too upset or triggered to continue, please let me know. I'll gently ease your discomfort (i.e. a blanket) or we can step away from the practice and decompress in the case of too much emotion. I want this experience to be relaxing and healing, so your needs are my number one priority. 

When You Show Up:

Because of my partnership with GLCCB, your treatment will take place in the Waxter Center. When you arrive at 1000 Cathedral Street, in the heart of Baltimore City, make sure to sign in at the entrance of the building (for your reason of visit, you can write GLCCB or Appointment with Arien). Once you sign in, you'll see two elevators: take one up to the third floor. You'll step out into GLCCB's lobby, where you can ask the individual at the front desk for Arien, if I'm not out there at the time. Then we'll meet, I'll ask a few basic questions and have you sign a few pieces of paper (waivers and the like), then we'll get right to the Reiki treatment. Afterwards, we'll take some time to settle and decompress with a light discussion of the experience. The whole session usually takes between 1 to 1.5 hours. 

After your treatment:

Reiki energy continues to flow in you for around 24-48 hours after treatment. You might experience additional healing, muscle relaxation, emotions, vivid dreams, spiritual experiences, and some physical effects like a need to urinate more frequently or drink more water. You might feel a little spacey and tired the day of, because you'll be at a calmer state than usual. If you have any concerns or questions after your treatment, please don't hesitate to email or call me (during business hours). 

You can work the day of receiving a Reiki treatment. It isn't intensive and the energy will cater towards your needs, including the needs of your career life. We'll do around 15 minutes or more or decompressing after your treatment, so you can feel more grounded before driving your car or walking back out into the city.

I loved it, when can I come again? 

Reiki can be given as much as you'd like, there really isn't any set amount! I give myself daily treatments for shorter durations, but some people come once a year for a single treatment. Sometimes, if an individual is going through something really difficult, a practitioner will do several longer sessions in a shorter duration to help them through it. You and I can work together to create the best plan for your needs and bank account. 

The recommended/traditional treatment schedule is biweekly or monthly appointments. Reiki works best in series, with at least three treatments with the same practitioner, but most individuals have many more than three treatments. Think of it similar to regular massages (but more affordable!).

Rescheduling and cancellations:

To reschedule your appointment, please email or call 48 hours in advance. For last minute rescheduling, we can work together to best figure out a new appointment that works for us both without you having to pay for a no-show. 

If you cancel your appointment 48 hours or more before, there is absolutely no payment required from you! 

If you cancel your appointment 48 hours or less before your appointment, I ask that you pay at least half of the cost of treatment. This isn't enforced, but rather on an honor code. I make my living through this and it takes a lot of strategizing to provide lower cost treatments; your support is greatly appreciated. If you do cancel and cannot pay this amount (financial issues do happen, I understand), please reach out to me. I might even be able to work with you to lower the cost of a future session so you can still receive a treatment!