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Refund Policy


Returns and refunds are issued ultimately on a case by case basis, but are not to be expected for any service performed. Much of the work through We Are All Sacred Beings is a mutual system of Arien Smith working directly with you to perpetuate your healing. What you consider healing at one point in your life may not be healing in another point, and vice versa, making it extremely difficult to prove substantial need for a refund due to a momentary disappointment or by having differing expectations for what a service entails. In services like intuitive reading, energy healing, and mindfulness coaching, a lot of the healing will come from how you choose to interpret and/or use said service, making the liability of the service split equally between you and We Are All Sacred Beings. In such cases, refunds are not issued except in case by case exceptions. There are other accommodations, via customer support, that can be offered in the case of a conflict. If you have any questions, please contact with your inquiry!