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Akashic Record Reading (Past Life Reading)


Akashic Record Reading (Past Life Reading)

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Akashic Record Reading (Past Life Reading)

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Due to high demand, please visit this page now to request a reading.

With these readings, the Universe (working through the transcendent consciousness of the Akashic Records) will take you on a journey through all the insights you need to overcome blocks in your current life, learn about your past lives, help you manifest loving relationships, and guide you to living your greatest potential. The Akashic Records are composed of the pure energy of the Universe and work in accordance to your best and highest interest. 

These readings can:

  • Help you to dissolve blocks and work through toxic cycles

  • Learn more about yourself as a spiritual being

  • Heal wounds from this life and ones of the past

  • Learn how to attract love and prosperity

  • Shed light onto current relationships and your connection to them in the past

  • Resolve physical/body, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns

  • Interpret dreams, symbols, and spiritual experiences you have

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Please note that, due to demand as of May 2017, there is a cap to each month's reading availability. If you notice the length of reading you desire is out of stock, it will be refreshed on the first day of the next month. 

Arien Smith has completed over 200 intuitive past life readings, all with the intention of healing and guiding his clients with the information he receives from conscious access of their Akashic Records (you can read about the Akashic Records here). The Akashic Records are a healing force directly from the Source, filled with bountiful information. The Records are often described as being synonymous with the Books of Life and Death, the root of Kabbalistic mysticism, and the home of all Akasha: a Sanskrit word meaning ether, where all information from within the Universe is recorded. 

From Arien, you will receive a single spaced, 12 pt. font report of your past life/lives and Akashic guidance emailed to you in PDF form. Arien can ask the Records on your behalf to answer any specific questions you might have, though there is no guarantee that it will be answered. With the Records, there is an understood trust that those questions which are in your highest interest will be answered, no matter the length of the reading. There is not enough space to detail each and every one of your past lives, but it is rare that any of us need to remember everything from our pasts to evolve in our current lives. 

For a first reading, it's recommended that you order between 3-5 pages. This allows enough space for an in-depth exploration of your Akashic Records. Although a 3 page reading for one person may have an entirely different profile of information than another person, the amount of pages will always provide the information you are supposed to receive. Perhaps your pocketbook dictates this, or perhaps your intuition guides you to a specific number of pages. If you are unsure and would like to further inquire, please don't hesitate to email! 

After receiving your request, Arien will meditatively access your Akashic Records and write as he witnesses your memories and the insights the Records bring about them. Before all readings, he sets the intention that only information for your highest good and healing journey be shared through each sentence. Sometimes negative experiences are important for us to know, and if these are what the Records share, it will be channeled through this reading as well. 

Often the Records will use past life memories or symbolic images as a medium to enlighten you on negative and positive life patterns, areas where healing is needed, and personal imbalances. When illuminated, the Records then channel through these readings to explain just how these issues affect your current life and often provide detailed and individual healing modalities in partnership with the memories. This type of comprehensive reading creates a holistic experience that can easily synthesize into all of your other spiritual work.  

In their essence, working with the Akashic Records will supply you with:

  • Relevant past life information: Images, memories, and past lifetimes can and almost always do arise, specifically those that provide related insights to your current life. All that the Records bring forth is for healing and your own personal illumination. 

  • Insights into current patterns and toxic cycles: The Records are notorious for pointing out the patterns we are holding onto that don't serve us anymore and teaching us ways to release them. It's amazing what awareness this brings! Even dream interpretation is possible.

  • Anything that is keeping your inner light from shining: As they show us relevant past life information and how it informs our current patterns, the Records help us break down the walls keeping the core of our being at bay. They'll provide intuitive guidance, suggestions, and summarize the feelings you haven't yet been able to put into words. 

Please request the quantity of pages that you wish, up to 10 pages per reading. You can certainly request multiple readings at different times, as each reading will extrapolate upon the healing in the previous one. 

These readings vary in time from request to completion depending on demand, but are usually completed within one week. If there is a delay, I will be sure to contact you as soon as I'm aware of any potential conflict. For a reading as soon as the following day, please take a look at the phone readings. This scheduling is much more flexible! 

Note: The final reading will be emailed as a PDF to you, nothing will be shipped to you.

If you would rather have a phone or Skype reading all of the information is here!