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Akashic Record Reading (Phone/Skype)


Akashic Record Reading (Phone/Skype)

Akashic Record Readings banner.jpeg
Akashic Record Readings banner.jpeg

Akashic Record Reading (Phone/Skype)

from 50.00

Stock replenishes on the first of every month, due to personal availability. Please email if you would like to be placed on next month's waitlist.

With these readings, you’ll embark along a transformative exploration of your past lives and insights into which memories influence your current life. The Akashic Records will help you clear blocks, learn what you need to do to attract love into your life, tap into your greatest potential, learn your next steps forwards, and heal in an enriching and personal way.

This is the phone or Skype version of the written Akashic Readings. All US/Canada phone calls can be recorded, free of charge! 

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Are you interested in deepening your exploration into healing, past lives, and intuitive guidance? Akashic Readings are in-depth explorations of the information the Universe wants you to hear. Through an open communication with the Records, you can learn how to overcome the challenges you face, understand how past lives influence you presently, awaken love towards yourself and others, and find the best and brightest answers to each of your questions. You may even realize that your loved ones know have walked with you on this planet before and, when you realize how you have interacted previously, you can then transform your current relationships. Even the sneaky patterns of your ego will be exposed to the light and healed--if you've been wondering what is holding you back from truly healing, it might be that ego of yours trying to hide. The Records can see right through it. 

The Akashic Records are an energy which comes directly from the Universe itself; it has no boundaries or limitations in its ability to heal you. They are filled with bountiful information. The Records are often described as being synonymous with the Books of Life and Death, the root of Kabbalistic mysticism, and the home of all Akasha: a Sanskrit word meaning "ether," where all information from within the Universe is recorded. The information you need to hear is within the Records, right now, and you can access this loving energy through a single reading.

Often the Records will use past life memories or symbolic images as a medium to enlighten you on negative and positive life patterns, areas where healing is needed, and personal imbalances. When illuminated, the Records then channel through these readings to explain just how these issues affect your current life and often provide detailed and individual healing modalities in partnership with the memories. This type of comprehensive reading creates a holistic experience that can easily synthesize into all of your other spiritual work. With these spoken readings, we can focus more intently on specific issues that you wish to, making sure the guidance of the Records is touching upon all the areas of your life in need of healing.

The benefit of these phone readings is that only 15 minutes of conversation is the equivalent of around 6-10 pages in the PDF readings (which you can order here), all with the intention of healing and guiding you with the information I receive from accessing your Akashic Records. In both readings, I can ask the Records on your behalf to answer any specific questions you might have. You and I can have a dialogue directly with your Records, making these readings are more effective and personal. We can journey together into parts of your Records that you wish to further explore, as more and more information arises. Unlike some other forms of psychic readings, which just provide interesting answers and predictions, the Records focus explicitly on your unique journey towards becoming the brightest soul you can be, here and now. 

During one phone reading with a client, I started the reading describing a detailed image of her as a young girl with an alcoholic father. It was a vivid picture, and the client was shocked when I shared it with her--it was a memory she herself had as a child, down to the color of the bows in her pigtails! By simply working as a humble channel for the Records to speak directly with you, all the information you need can be expressed with incredible accuracy. 


After receiving your request for a phone reading (just click the request a reading and fill out a short form!), you and I can schedule an appointment that matches both of our schedules. Before calling you, I will meditatively access your Akashic Records and write down some initial insights and impressions to start the conversation. We will then organically follow the flow of the Records together, letting your questions mold the information that comes forth. Throughout your reading, I will also be in communication with the Records.

All of these readings will be offered via Skype or Phone. Neither part of your contact information will be used for anything other than the readings you request! At this time, phone readings can be recorded and emailed after, free of charge.


  • Relevant past life information: Images, memories, and past lifetimes can and almost always do arise, specifically those that provide related insights to your current life. All that the Records bring forth is for healing and your own personal illumination. 
  • Insights into current patterns and toxic cycles: The Records are notorious for pointing out the patterns we are holding onto that don't serve us anymore and teaching us ways to release them. It's amazing what awareness this brings!
  • Anything that is keeping your inner light from shining: As they show us relevant past life information and how it informs our current patterns, the Records help us break down the walls keeping the core of our being at bay. They'll provide intuitive guidance, suggestions, and summarize the feelings you haven't yet been able to put into words.  

To accommodate for lower incomes, the PDF readings are still available here. I am also offering a range of phone reading lengths, with a matching range of prices. 

Questions? Email to ask whatever you wish to!