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Subtle Energy Body Reading


Subtle Energy Body Reading

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Subtle Energy Body Reading

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Arien has been doing work with the subtle energy body for over 4 years and he has gradually learned to help others heal their own energy. With this reading, he can help you understands blocks, weakness, and strengths of your subtle energy body and start you on a personalized healing journey based on your own energy. Each of our subtle energy bodies are extremely unique, so one healing modality may work better for you than another. This energy reading will unearth this information for you. 

PDF Booklet:
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This energy reading will be completed in a formal style, shown in the images below for the product, and will be filled out detailing the state of three energetic properties–the Gunas (which are like the fundamental natures of your energetic personality), the Elements (which shows you which healing modalities work best for your system, how your energy prefers to heal), Yin/Yang balance, and the Chakras (the centers of energy that need to be balanced to exist in your highest state). 

I would also suggest purchasing the 60 page PDF eBook; it is an option available for purchase with your order here or as a separate component in the shop. This is a compilation which details all sorts of information about the chakras, Gunas, Yin/Yang, Elements, and how to heal best with this information. It works well with the reading and will truly help you heal! It's also only $7.

Turnaround time
***Up to two weeks, but probably within a week. It all depends on the demand! 

It is recommended that this reading be done every two weeks at most and at least several times a year, sort of like a check up on your subtle energy body! Our energy changes, so the chakras will shift in and out of alignment and you grow along your spiritual journey.