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Subtle Energy eBook


Subtle Energy eBook

Subtle energy.jpeg
Subtle energy.jpeg

Subtle Energy eBook


This eBook is a 60-page PDF, "The Basics of the Subtle Energy Body" is downloadable immediately after your purchase. Within the book, you will have all the information you need to understand the major components of your subtle energy body, including the Gunas, Chakras, and Elemental energy. 


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This book talks about four main energetic properties–the Gunas (which are like the fundamental natures of your energetic personality), the Elements (which shows you which healing modalities work best for your system, how your energy prefers to heal), Yin/Yang balance, and the Chakras (the centers of energy that need to be balanced to exist in your highest state). In order to embark on a self-empowered healing journey, this book provides the essential understand you need for this path. 

This book also compliments well with a Subtle Energy Body/Chakra Reading. This is an intuitive compilation that details all sorts of information about your own chakras, Gunas, Yin/Yang, and Elements. You will have a full understanding of where healing is needed in your own life with this reading and this eBook!