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Akashic Record Readings

"I received a 10 page past life reading by Arien Smith, and I found the topics covered were very helpful for letting me understand myself and some of my habits better. Arien was able to connect several past lives together where themes occur, and the content was worth the pages, because they were relevant. Some stuff did evoke emotional resonance, and Arien mentions that karmic ties from the past can do that, so it was very helpful to learn. I learned why the idea of pregnancy made me uncomfortable. (I read fanfiction, and the topic of pregnancy and raising children is a real deterrent to me; I am glad Arien helped me realize that this was apparently a trend in my preferences over lifetimes, because I didn't even register that the idea of rejecting motherhood was a topic that could be related to past lives I had and my own preferences over those lives.)

One thing I was really surprised by was the fact that Arien found more relevant lifetimes in which I was female than in which I was male. Those lifetimes are teaching me to be more accepting of my current form.

Overall, I recommend Arien Smith's services. The Akashic Records give relevant information to the requester's current lifetime, and Arien transcribes the information in a clear and timely manner, pdf form; he is a good intuitive Akashic reader. A+, 10/10, great stuff."

-I.X. from the USA


"Arien's devotion to healing clearly comes from a place of sincere care and compassion for others. His readings offer astounding insight into the self; be it through past life or energy readings, you come away feeling empowered to improve your life and advance in your spiritual journey. Arien puts an incredible amount of work and care into the services he offers, and on top of that is a genuinely sweet person. I highly recommend any services on offer at We Are All Sacred Beings and will be ordering more for myself in the future!"

-N.P. from Ontario, Canada


"Reading the past life reading I got from Arien gave me a sense of familiarity, something that resonated with me and I knew deep within to be true. I definitely cried while reading it. The reading itself was two pages long, and while I worried if it wouldn't be too short at first, he still gave me answers about several questions I asked and from multiple past lives, all without feeling rushed or crammed in the pages. Arien is an excellent reader of the records, who writes in a beautiful and clear way, easy to understand. Absolutely recommend."

-S.K. from Brazil

Akashic Distance Healing

Arien guided me through a Akashic Record reading session and energy healing meditation which not only helped to raise my awareness towards my life source energy and its movement throughout my body, but also helped to heal my fifth chakra and bring awareness to the blockage occurring at that energy center. In the weeks since I have felt a sense of recovery and healing in that region as well as a much stronger sense of my own energy during my meditation practice. It was truly an amazing, healing experience and Arien was such a wonderful and insightful guide. He is very compassionate, calming, and overall I would highly recommend any of the services available through We Are All Sacred Beings.

-A. V. from the USA

Mindfulness Coaching

"I started working with Arien about 2 to 3 months ago. I approached him because I was concerned about where I was heading in life, and how happy I was. I was having a lot of problems with who I was and where I belonged in the world as well as where I should go in life.

Arien's sessions have been beyond helpful to me. Before, I had been relying on cyclist coping mechanisms that although did help for the time being, wouldn't help me overcome the same difficulties and issues again and again. It was a band aid on an infected wound. Helped to prevent more infection, but I was neglecting the wound and thinking if I kept covering it, it would heal. 

The first session I had with Arien was more eye opening and healing than I could have ever imagined. Not only was he able to address my issues in the most caring way, but he was able to pin point more or less what the underlying issue was, then make it crystal clear to me. Every time he would, I felt like I was finally truly understood and even better, finally truly understanding myself instead of the huge mess my scrambled thoughts seemed to be. We touched on 7 very important self-discoveries and even a little goal for myself at the end.

Although I still have troublesome times now, whenever I read over what Arien and I addressed, I am able to feel a little better and know for a fact that the rough patch will pass. I am reminded of the progress I have made and how much more progress I am capable of making. 

I recommend Arien's sessions to anybody who is in need of help. I promise you, that you will make more progress than you possibly imagined even with only one session. I fully trust Arien and his abilities to help. I don't believe I have ever felt more comfortable addressing my issues and problems with anybody before, or more confident that someone will understand and actually be able to help me in my healing process. He makes you feel truly understood, human, nurtured, safe, and capable. Almost like a guardian angel in human form. 

You are in wonderful hands. I promise."

-M. E. from the USA